You’re Sending Your Son to Die?

You’re Sending Your Son to Die?

I recently published this blogpost on the Times of Israel. As of this morning there were over 1000 Likes / Shares on Facebook with over 110 comments.


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It finally happened.

That email from a friend.

“Are you crazy? Did you really raise your kids to do this? Are you really letting your son make aliyah and get killed in the army? Are you really supporting him? Are you nuts? Don’t you care about your son?”

The email went on and on. Apparently it was sent “because I love you and I care, and because we have a decade-long friendship and I know you’d say the same to me”.

Actually, no, I wouldn’t. How I raise my kids is my business, and I would never ever presume to tell anyone, even a good friend, how to raise theirs. Each child needs different things from their parents, and what is right for Child A might not necessarily be right for Child B.

I wonder, dear friend, if he was joining the US Army, or the Canadian Forces, if you’d have the same thing to say. No. You’d probably harp on about his observance level, or fighting for a nation not his, and asking me where I think I went wrong with him.


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  1. sheldan says:

    Sadly, this is not surprising from someone who lives in the Diaspora and has the idea that Israel is unsafe (whether it has to do with a child making aliyah and serving in the army or merely traveling to Israel on a visit). Maybe too many of us get our information from the mainstream media and jump to conclusions about life there–which is probably safer than we are led to believe.

    I have a cousin who made aliyah in the 1980′s after his third child was born. He lives in Beit El (and runs a bakery there, if I can be allowed to make a shameless plug :-) — actually, the backstory about his getting in the bakery business is an interesting one in itself). Being in Judea and Samaria (I resisted calling it the West Bank), some people have raised the question if life there is as “normal” as they have reported in their occasional newsletters back to us. Apparently, life there is as “normal” as reported; people do manage to live their lives even with Palestinians being a concern. Yes, there are problems, but Israel has had to deal with such “problems” for all of its 65 years. Unfortunately, I think Israel will have to continue to deal with these problems “until Moshiach comes.” In the meantime, it will have to remain strong, and the strength in part comes from the IDF.

    Hopefully, you can “agree to disagree” with your friend, and hopefully she will understand one day about your son’s decision and respect it.

  2. Batya says:

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