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So I just ran a bunch of errands – it is Friday, after all. A friend knew I was going out and asked me to pick up a bunch of stuff for her too, because she couldn’t leave the house today. I said sure, no problem. She wanted to give me her credit card to pay for her things. I wouldn’t take it. It’s illegal to use someone else’s card. I won’t even use the KoD’s card. To me it’s just wrong. I told her she can give me a cheque or cash afterward to cover the debt. She kept insisting, I kept refusing and eventually I won.

Apparently there are people who have no problem trusting others with their credit card. My friend knows I wasn’t going to go out and blow her money on something. But that isn’t the point. To me it’s wrong, plain and simple.

What would you have done? Have you used someone else’s credit card with their consent? Do you allow others to use your card?

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  1. Ashleyroz says:

    My mother used to give my sisters and I her card to go grocery shopping, clothes shopping, for gas. Sometimes I use my husband’s card if there’s something specific he wants me to put on it.

    I hate to say this, but I don’t see what the big deal is.

  2. shorty says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with it either…except – that you are right, you aren’t supposed to do that, and if someone were to catch you, you can either lose the card or they may call security on you…

    so i probably wouldn’t use it either.

  3. Z! says:

    No. I would never use someone else’s credit card. I even have trouble using my husbands’!

  4. Ashleyroz says:

    I’ve had cashiers questions me about my mother’s card back in high school and college. She usually sent me with a note, her signature, and a contact number when/if it ever happened, especially if it was something like clothes shopping which was really the only time I was q

  5. Ashleyroz says:

    *questioned. :-)

  6. gemfit says:

    I used my mother’s card once when I was a kid (with her permission) and I used my fiance’s card here until mine arrived (but it was the same account) but otherwise, no way. I would have done exactly what you did.

  7. batya from NJ says:

    i think it’s ok to buy stuff for someone else with their credit card. it’s not quite the same as using their credit card to buy your stuff cuz of course that is stealing but i don’t think this situation is such a big deal..

  8. Mike S. says:

    It is not illegal to use someone else’s credit card if you are authorized to do so. However, since the store would be on the hook for the merchandise if you were not, in fact, authorized to do so and the cardholder refused to pay, if you told them what you were doing they might well say no.

  9. kisarita says:

    i might not feel comfortable using someone else’s credit card but I wouldn’t make a right or wrong issue of it.

  10. mirimosh says:

    I don’t see a problem using my hubby;s card even tough i have my own and we have a joint account, but would never use someone elses. You did the right thing in my opinion.

  11. fille says:

    You are perfectly right: do not use someone else’s credit card, even if they insist…

    Find another solution to settle the bill, even if it’s more uncomfortable for them.

    Because, one thing people do not think of: what happens if suddenly great sums miss? Will the credit-card borrower be suspected.

    Don’t take this risk. Better safe than sorry.

  12. Shoshana says:

    Did it occur to you that she didn’t want to pay for the stuff right away? That maybe she wanted to put it on credit?

    That of course has nothing to do with the legality of using the card, but may have been behind her insistence.

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