Would you do this to your toddler?

I got this off offbeatmama.com. I think every child should be given the opportunity for freedom of expression. But I doubt this little boy has any idea at his age whether he wants the mohawk or not.


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  1. Lady Lock and Load says:

    hmmm, missed a few spots at the upsherin? :) Reminds me when my oldest was an infant, her hair fell out but she was left with a little mohawk. My husband’s friends used to call her mo! :)

  2. YC says:

    Went to a Yankee Stadium with the family and sitting in front of us was someone with a mohawk dyed bright red.

    My daughter whispered to me, “He looks like a rooster”

    • Hey, I looked like a rooster for years because my mother gave me bangs. Bad idea. But then, my kids will probably all have afros like Mami and people will have plenty to say about that and it’s all natural. The kid’s hair looks pretty cool but I’m guessing a kippah would ruin the ‘do.

  3. rubyv says:

    Meh, it is only hair. My kid wanted to look like tinkerbell, so we let her get a pixiecut, to everyone’s horror. Not all little girls need long hair, and i think the hawk is cute. It isn’t hurtful.

  4. Yonit says:

    I’ve seen little boys with pierced ears, rat tails (better or worse than a mullet?), dressed as gangsters, little girls dressed like pop stars or worse (ha!).

    I know parents dress their kids in the styles they themselves like and appreciate, but there is something to be said for kids being kids and not fashion/political/societal statements.

  5. Chanief says:

    It’s cute, but definitely an expression of the mom’s style, not the child’s.

  6. RubyV says:

    Realistically speaking, all children are an expression of their parent’s style until a certain age. For example, I am a big fan of Hanna Anderssen, Oshkosh, etc on children because the clothes look like children’s clothing and not mini adults; however, lots of people like the “little man” look on young male toddlers. I also prefer unisex to gendered clothing for babies.

    • Chanief says:

      Oh yes, they absolutely are, I wasn’t saying it as a bad thing. My son is 10 and I still pick out most of his clothing because he doesn’t care what he wears, so he reflects my style. In what I allow and disallow my daughter to wear, she is a reflection of my sensibilities as well. Good thing I have decent taste (heehee)

  7. Rebecca says:

    to me, for such a little boy, disgusting!!! I too am sure he did not say: Mother, Father, sperm donor, or surrogate: Please give me a mohawk today. I must be getting old old old.

  8. Baila says:

    He’s celebrating Purim, of course!

  9. swiss says:

    Not worse than long peyess

  10. swiss says:

    Peyess children also express their parent’s tastes and beliefs.

    I’m not against it, I think it’s cute.

    But I think that people who agree with peyess for children can also agree to this.

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