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When my kids were small I didn’t spend much time on my appearance. I threw on a jean skirt, a tee shirt and a tichel, and that was it for most days. Special occasions saw me get dressed up, but that didn’t happen often.

Once I had separated and become a single mom, it was suggested to me that I start to do something just for me. Something that would give me some much needed me-time and make me feel good about myself for a bit.

As a teen I was vain about my nails. I grew them as long as possible (and that was long) and painted them in different vibrant colours. Marriage and babies took care of that vanity. Who had time for that kind of upkeep?!

But post-divorce, I decided this was going to be my one indulgence. I had to go the fake nail route as pregnancy and nursing had somehow ruined my nails’ ability to grow long and strong. I went every 10 days to the nail salon, and every time I glanced at my hands, it felt good.

I have recently gotten into doing my nails again – and was trying to work out how much it will cost me per year, and if it is a necessary indulgence. But then, I realized, this is my ONLY indulgence. I do not go to the hair salon often for hair cuts and when I dye my hair I use an at-home kit. I do not go tanning, I do not have a personal trainer nor do I have a gym membership. I do not buy expensive face creams and make up. I wash and style my wigs myself. For all that I like to be put together and look good, I am pretty low maintenance.

But I was curious – as a woman, how much do you (or your wife) spend monthly on esthetics? I am talking hair, waxing, creams, gym, tanning, nails, etc.

If you are a male – how much do you spend monthly on your personal upkeep and what does that include?

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  1. Jess says:

    my grooming “indulgence” is getting my eyebrows waxed about every couple of weeks or so, it’s under the equivalent of 40 US dollars a month. I don’t color my hair (though I’ve just been told by my dad that maybe I should start “You, know, you’re pretty grey,” he said), and since I keep it long I get it cut only when the split ends begin to get too much.
    now that sandal weather is upon us, i have to find a place with a chair for a pedicure. (very rare in jerusalem)

  2. I get a $40 haircut about 3 times a year. I use cetaphil as a daily moisturizer which is not expensive at all. Other then that, the only thing I really use on a regular basis is eyeliner and sun screen. (and shampoo/conditioner/soap of course). I sometimes give myself a pedicure or manicure but I haven’t been to one of those nail places since my 8th grade graduation…

    The one thing I actually feel is somewhat of an indulgence is the body wash/soap I use- dr. bronner’s magic liquid soap in almond flavor- it’s pretty expensive for soap, but it makes my skin oh so nice

  3. I get a clip and dip. That’s $65 and I do it every 6-8 weeks. That’s about it. Other than my clothes fetish now that I can buy size small >:)

    • HSaboMilner says:

      no no sweetcheeks, we are not talking clothes here. That’s a totally different story. Umm hmm. ;)

  4. KosherAcademic says:

    I get about 2 haircuts/styles a year, so $40-50 there (times 2, of course). And I like to try and get a pedicure 1x a year, in the spring, as my mother’s day gift (does that count, then? I tell Ha_Safran specifically that this is all I want for Mother’s day), which is another $25 or so.

    I periodically think about doing more (esp waxing) but never end up doing it. I can’t justify spending the $$ on it.

    (And I know you said we weren’t talking about clothes, but if I hit $150 per year, I’d be shocked. Including shoes, unmentionables, socks/nylons, etc.)

  5. mrsmelissasg says:

    I think my biggest indulence is my regular visits to the Chiropractor. It is $75 p/visit but it saves me from having to wind up in a hospital… So its a double edged sword ;)
    I also use a good skin care regimen for my face which runs about $200 every other month. I just make sure to write some extra pieces to help alleviate the cost when its coming up.

  6. Rabbi's wife says:

    I’m definitely in that “mom of young children” phase. The only indulgence I can think ofis nice razors to shave with because of my sensitive skin. otherwise my “beauty rituals” include cutting my own hair, washing with allergen-free soap and using Vaseline as a moisturizer.
    I would consider good chocolate part of my upkeep as well, and I do indulge a bit there…

  7. Kim says:

    I guess I am high maintenance:)

    I get a pedicure/manicure once a month, and get my eye brows waxed at the same time–that runs be about $65 US. I get my hair cut about every 6 or 7 weeks, which is $50. I used to get highlights and color all the time which ran me close to $200 about every 3 months or so. Too much now that I am supporting myself:) So I changed to a basic color job–which is $50 about every three months.

    Hmmm…I have a gym membership–$21/month

    I don’t go tanning though–scares me-my father has had three instances of melanoma…

    I use Oil of Olay lotion–which is cheap and Oil of Olay Eye Gel…gotta fight the crows feet thing.

    I use Bare Essentials Mineral Foundation which is a little spendy–but it doesn’t break out my skin–most other foundations do. Other than that though–I buy cheap make-up.

  8. Jack says:

    Monthly personal upkeep, hmm… I used to belong to a gym that was about $65 a month. Gave that up temporarily, but will go back ASAP.

    Beyond that I don’t do much, shave, haircut. I am guessing about $35 every six weeks or so.

    I miss the gym, I went three to four days a week.

  9. RubyV says:

    I wear good makeup, since I have very sensitive skin and tend to have allergic reactions to many cosmetic brands. I buy bare minerals foundation about every 2-3 months or so, get other makeup about 3-4 times a year. The eye makeup remover is very spendy, about $25 american a month. My other face cleaners aren’t as pricey. Hair gets cut somewhere between every 6-12 weeks, depending on how busy the semester is, at about $45 american a cut. I color when I can’t take the grey anymore, which varies from 10 for an at home kit to 50 for salon color about 2x a year. Mani/pedis are about 2x a year.

    Make up is my biggest indulgence. I love to play with eye makeup, and love color. MAC and sephora are my weakness. I usually request gift certificates to them for the holidays.

  10. Rainy says:

    Pedicures. I love pedicures at the local nail spa and do that about once a month. I get my hair cut about 3x a year at a good salon. I go to a spa once a year after summer term, and get a seriously awesome facial and a 90 minute massage. It is my reward for enduring 4 semesters back to back.

    Other than that, I’m fairly low maintenance. I only wear makeup for special occasions, but I do splurge on the good stuff because it makes my skin happier.

    What blows my mind is that there are women who can afford to do all that on a regular basis. I really have to scrimp to afford it, but that is part of what makes it such a pleasure. I look forward to it for weeks beforehand.

  11. frayda says:

    ha ha. this is so funny. me and my husband and another couple were just talking about this a few weeks ago. i said that my only maintenance was getting my shaitel done every two months. hers was manis, pedis, tanning, waxing, etc. I was floored. I hope my husband and KoD realizes that they are very lucky to have low maintenance women.

  12. frayda says:

    plus i wear no makeup so my total cost is about $30 a month

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