Who on earth do you think you are?

If you want to know my business – ask me. I will tell you, or not. I will even tell you to your face that you have such bare faced cheek to ask me such questions. But at least you had the guts to ask ME.  Do not stoop so low as to ask my children for information about me. Do not pump the littlest dude coz you know you can get him to spill family secrets. That’s just lower than low. And anyway, what the heck is it your business? Am I up in your face with interrogations? Absolutely not. I couldn’t care less to know your private matters. If you choose to share such matters with me, fine, I will listen. But don’t expect the same kind of thing back from me. My private life is just that – private!

You mess with my kid, you’re messing with big momma. You have been warned.

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  1. lady lock and load says:

    Oiy, so sorry.

  2. Mark says:

    Nasty. Some people are just no damn good.

  3. barnacle witchy witch says:

    I’ll send you my spell that wires yenta’s mouths shut, HA!

  4. Chanief says:

    Ouch. That would piss me off too.

  5. shoshi says:

    Sounds a bit hypocritical.

    You air as much as you want about your family on the net and then complain that someone asks your son?

    Seems pretty inconsistent to me…

  6. Jewish Side says:

    oy vey!

    Your right, it’s never good to get children involved in arguments between 2 adults.

  7. Yonit says:

    Pumping a kid for info is very different than seeing what a blogger has chosen to share on their blog! Even if one was pumping a kid for info that is accessible on the blog, it’s still a little shady to go through a child instead of asking the parent if it’s something truly private.

  8. batya from NJ says:

    i agree, hadassah can choose to blog what she wants to about her life but that doesn’t give every nosey-body the right to try to pump the little ones for the family’s deepest darkest secrets. if mrs. nosey-body wants to read the blog, she is welcome to, unless she is too “frum” for the treif internet although she is probably not too frum for loshon horah :)!

  9. Gitty Levi says:

    Shoshi, I’ve read your comments on the past few blogs. What the hell is your problem? You are the most bitter, obnoxious person I’ve never met! If you don’t agree with Hadassah writing about her life, don’t read the blog! Bitch.

  10. Gitty Levi says:

    Shoshi, what the hell is your problem? You are the most bitter, obnoxious person I’ve never met! If you don’t agree with Hadassah writing about her life, don’t read the blog! Bitch.

  11. Gitty Levi says:

    You see? You pissed me off so royally, I posted twice!

  12. Mark says:

    Exactly, you air “as much as you want”, not as much as someone can pump out of the kids!!!

  13. shoshi says:

    Why is there any need for you calling me bitch?

  14. (no connection to above comments, about which I am totally staying out!!)

    woah! I’m not messing with you! (or your kids!!)

    I certainly hope you did not mince words with the offending person.

    Our kids are off limits! And that has nothing to do with blogging!!

    I’m with you 100% — want to know about me, ask me, not my kids!!

    You should here my youngest mimicing all those sugary sweet, well-intentioned questioners: “ma shlom ima?”

    Want to know how I am, ask me!

    So there!

  15. Gitty Levi says:

    Because you are nasty and always have something bitchy to say. If it looks like a bitch, walks like a bitch and talks like a bitch, um, I don’t know, bitch?

  16. Gitty Levi says:

    I am done now, thanks

  17. shoshi says:

    Well, if this is your usual level of language, I don’t really mind. I’m used to coarse speech.

  18. Naftali says:

    In light of Tisha B’Av, I think the catfighting needs to stop. Ok, Gitty and Shoshi. Have a meaningful Fast everyone.

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