What on earth has happened to me?

I decided today to treat myself to a manicure / pedicure. I have had a rotten few days and I totally needed a huge pick-me-up. I walked to the nail salon to spoil myself. This was a new place I hadn’t tried before, but it’s within walking distance and came highly recommended by Empress CaresALot.

So I soaked my feet in the warm water, and turned on the chair massager while the nail technician did her thing on my tootsies. After 5 minutes I was antsy. I didn’t have the sitzfleish (patience) to sit there. I kept telling myself to just close my eyes and enjoy the pampering. Didn’t happen. I just kept wishing that she would just hurry up.

After my toenails were prettily painted (no there will be no picture. The tznius police would come after me) she started on my hands. It was torture. I just wanted out of there.

I don’t get it. Here I was, being pampered as I so richly deserved, and I couldn’t enjoy it. Now I am home and up to my eyes in laundry and kicking myself that I didn’t relax.

I think I need a full body massage with soft music and a 3 hour nap afterwards. Well, that will do for starters…

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  1. j. mand says:

    funny idea that manicure/pedicure should be a treat!

  2. batya from NJ says:

    several years ago i started treating myself to manicures & pedicures & i will say that it took me awhile initially to learn how to relax & enjoy. at first, i used to get very impatient esp when it was time for the nails to dry & i viewed it as SUCH a major waste of time. over time, i learned to deal with the time involved in the whole process & actually began to enjoy the whole experience! maybe you just need to do it a few more times & b/f you know it, you will begin enjoying the “me-time” immensely!!

  3. Lady Lock and Load says:

    I know what you need, some KoD! and five visas! By the way, what color did you get? I got a dark red….in your honor my dear! ;)

  4. frumgoth says:

    what you need is a serious vacation! Mani/pedis are nice, but a tropical island would be much better. Pack up you, the Kod, (and the rest of your and his crew, if you choose) and take off for a week!

  5. Z! says:

    I leave Thursday!!!

  6. Lady Lock and Load says:

    With this earthquake going on I am glad I am not in the Bahamas, scary business!

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