What is wrong with people?

Why do they have to stare? Truth is – you do feel different if it’s a member of your own sex staring at you, rather than the opposite sex. I was on the bus coming home from a fruitless shopping trip (I walked for 2 hours there, and around, and I caved and took the bus home. So sue me). I was dressed in my funkified way – ok fine, let me take a pic….the picture doesn’t show the pigtails so well, but they are there. I am actually wearing leggings as well as a skirt, pink Betty Boop socks and good sneakers. Everything that is supposed to be covered is covered.

This Jewish woman comes on the bus, and by the way she is dressed she looks outwardly more religious than I am. I caught her looking at me, and I chose not to notice. I looked up perhaps 40 seconds later and she is still staring at me. Why? Obviously because I am cute, right, and totally dressed tzanuah, and she is so impressed by the way I combine my modesty with my sense of flair…. Yeah. Right. Somehow, that just doesn’t ring true.

I stared back at her to make her look away. She didn’t. I raised my eyebrow at her, shook my head, and just ignored her. Staring is so darn rude. I wanted to be rude back and stick my tongue out at her. But I was brought up better than that! What does she think, that she is better than me? I really wanted to ask her why she was staring….but chickened out.

What would you have done / said?

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  1. Rachel says:

    Jealous over your cute looks!

  2. Lady Lock and Load says:

    Aww, you look so cute! Very strange that she didn’t look away when you stared back. Makes me think that she has vision problems.

    IY”H you will have no problem in Monsey with that outfit.

  3. Otir says:

    I have had (many more times than I would have liked to) to deal with stares. This is what I always do: I smile, the hugest smile I have. If the person was not staring in a nice way, the person always chickens first and stops staring very quickly. If not, the person smiles back, and the spell vanishes.

  4. RubyV says:

    Obviously, your awesomeness was so overwhelming that she couldn’t help herself and had to continually remind herself of said awesomeness.

  5. Rainy says:

    How cute are you?! Actually, that’s *exactly* how I dress a lot of the time, so, it’s nice to see someone else being a little funky too. Maybe she was staring because you look so cute. Seriously. Sometimes when I see a woman totally rocking it and dressed tzanuah, I just want to see how she DID that, how she looks so great, because I want to copy her! :-P If I don’t like what someone is wearing or think it’s “wrong” somehow, I actually don’t stare, I avoid looking.

  6. The Law says:

    Whenever i catch someone staring at me and i want them to stop i stare back at them and slowly cross my eyes while staring at them…

    Usually it ends the staring, sometimes even gets the person to change seats…

  7. mokumalef says:

    When confronted with incessant staring, that’s the moment you say to that person (very nicely): “am I wearing something that belongs to you!?”

  8. pajamadays says:

    OH! It happens to all of us. In fact I just wrote about that same thing this week too. Why is it that it is women who stare down other women? It is this silly game of intimidation or thinking they know us by what we wear or don’t wear. You looked perfect – fun, perky, comfortable.

  9. righteouschoices says:

    You’re right staring is rude…in that situation I have done one of two things, on a good day 1. smile and say hello, or 2. ignore them.

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