What is wrong with people?

I was just reading through some other blogs and message boards and came across a thread about a brother-in-law acting inappropriate with someone’s toddler son – she said he kissed him too much and squeezed him too much. It comes out that this woman had seen her brother-in-law touching her baby niece inappropriately (I don’t want to be graphic here, but there is no way the act she described could have been misunderstood). Did she say something? No. Why? Because she didn’t want her sister to be mad at her and to hurt their relationship.

Excuse me? Your niece is being touched inappropriately in front of your eyes, you say nothing then, and you will say nothing now because you don’t want to hurt your sister? What about your innocent little niece? What will you do when you hear down the road that her father has been molesting her (and possibly other children) for years? Can you really just sit by and do NOTHING? I would rather tell the authorities and lose my relationship with this sister. Just knowing that my niece would get help and be safe from this person would make it worth it.

Some people need a reality check.

I need to walk away from the computer before I break it…..

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  1. ilanadavita says:

    I totally agree with you here. It is high time this woman had a serious talk with her sister. It is also possible this might help the sister come to terms with things she has sensed but refused to face because it is so painful.

  2. Chav says:

    Some people do better in denial. I have a cousin who has been there. Difference is that she called the cops. Her sister is still married to the creep and they don’t talk anymore. Her kids know that their mom will do anything and everything to keep then safe. The entire family has ostracized them and they suffer for it. But mama bear protected her cubs. That’s the only way to do it.

  3. NotFair says:

    I have never shared this publicly before.

    When I was a teen, 13 years old and a sophmore year in HS, my aunt’s husband shoved his hand down my shirt and felt me up, when I was sitting at my grandmother’s table doing homework. When I tried to tell, I was commanded to “keep your mouth shut. You don’t want to ruin her marriage, do you?”. I was also told that I must have done something to provoke him, or that he was just testing me to make sure that I was still virtuous. I felt positively dirty.

    I spent the rest of my adolescence afraid of him. At family parties, where everyone dances together, I would be afraid that I would have to take a turn dancing with him, and be forced to smile and do nothing. I was.

    Please, do something. Don’t force these children to bear the guilt that isn’t theirs.

    • HSaboMilner says:

      Thanks for sharing – what a disturbing experience. Unfortunately, this kind of circumstance happens all too often. It’s easier for most people to turn a blind eye than to do something about it. HUGS

  4. This is absolutely disgusting.

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