Well, it IS green!

I just got my actual Green Card in the mail. Apparently the Green Cards used to be white. But mine is green. As in Kermit the Frog Green. Has my fingerprints on it and everything. Wow. It’s real. We have been working towards this since the day we met 2 years ago (next week). But I do have to reapply in about 20 months or so. It’s only valid for 2 years because the KoD and I have not yet been married for 2 years…

Anyhoo, I am now completely and totally officially a legal resident of the US of A. So there you have it!!

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  1. batya from NJ says:

    Velcome to Ameritchka-land of the free & the brave :)!!

  2. Chavi says:

    Just don’t commit any crimes and get yourself deported!

  3. Nora says:

    Mazel tov! So exciting! Celebrate, have a drink, dance in your living room, do something fun!

  4. mokumalef says:

    Hey, mazal tov! To paraphrase an old classic: now you are a Yankeed Brit in KoD’s Court!

  5. Z! says:

    Just wait till you get a load of the next green card- it’s even ‘Green’er!

  6. sheldan says:

    From the other queen and me…Mazel tov! :-) to the hundredth power!

  7. rafi says:

    @picture on the top right side:

    I have the impression that this picture is slightly distorted. I think it was taken from an odd angle. (makes nose and mouth look really big).

    • HSaboMilner says:

      Rafi – I have a very Jewish nose, and a big mouth….. this is not news… :) Is the photo distorted? Maybe a smidge…but not much….

      • rafi says:

        Nothing to do with jewish.

        Looks as if you made it through one of those concave mirrors where the nose/mouth looks enormous and the rest fades into the background.

        Perhaps the lense was to near the mouth?

        Anyway, I am not a specialist in photography.

        If you had the intention of publishing a funny-looking picture, it is quite good…

  8. Chanief says:

    SO happy for you!!!!! We couldn’t ask for a better addition to our citizenry (is that a word? Oh well, it is now…)

  9. T says:

    bloody hell fire! it’s about time!!!!!

  10. That’s fantastic! Mazel Tov! How cute that it’s actually green…

  11. Bob says:

    Israel Hadassah, Israel! Celebrate when you become an Israeli citizen.

  12. Giti Fuchs says:

    Congrats.. so happy for u!

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