Weekly Dinner Menus 2016 – Week Two

Weekly Dinner Menus 2016 – Week Two

Planning menus last week worked out very well – I felt less pressure, and was very organized. Which kept me a patient wife and mother. WINNING!! This week I hope it works out just as well. Tuesday March 1st is St David’s Day – he’s the patron saint of Wales, and as you all know I am proud of my Welsh heritage. In honor of the day, I am making a British themed Friday night dinner. Only two Welsh dishes, but an appropriate nod to the day.

Sunday night – Shabbat leftovers / cereal / pb&j sammiches (praying there’s enough brisket leftover for me to have a sandwich with horseradish sauce and pickles and warm slices of brisket)

Monday –  Spaghetti with Tomato Cream Sauce. (I will be subbing coconut milk for the milk and cream in the recipe.)

Tuesday – Take Out (The kids’ favorite night of the week)

WednesdayMinestrone and grilled cheese.

Thursday – Baked Beans and Fried Eggs on Toast. Easy and satisfying.

Friday night – British theme.  Soup: Welsh Cawl – will make with turkey necks instead; Shepherd’s Pie, Mushy Peas – subbing coconut milk and margarine for the dairy ingredients. Dessert – Welsh Cakes - subbing margarine for the butter, and coconut milk for the milk, and Spotted Dick - subbing margarine for butter, and coconut milk for milk.

Shabbat lunch - Cholent and Cold Cuts, and some good British beer for the grown-ups!

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