Weekly Dinner Menus 2016 – Week One

Weekly Dinner Menus 2016 – Week One

It’s been a while. I started work last week at my new paralegal job (go me!!) and need to get my home life as organized as possible so that I can be superwoman again and get it all done. I will add that I am currently still recovering from spinal surgery (it’s been 5 weeks) but am feeling really great, considering.

So my menus are not going to be complicated, and some of them (like this week) will include one day of take out and one day of repeating the meal. Look, we don’t have to go crazy here. The family needs to be fed – but there is no need to go insane and lose your mind into the bargain, right?

Thursday nights need to be easy as I have to cook most of the Shabbat food before I go to sleep as I work on Fridays

All items in bold lead to recipes. I cannot vouch for the kashrut of all the original recipes – I adapt as I come across them.

Sunday: Shabbat leftovers / cereal / toasted bagels.

Monday: Creamy Pesto Spaghetti with Peas, with a crusty bread. (Will leave some noodles plain for those who may turn up their noses. They can add ketchup and cheese if they so wish).

Tuesday: Take out (Probably Fried Chicken)

Wednesday & Thursday: Slow Cooker Vegetarian Tofu Chili over a bed of rice with sour cream and tortilla chips.

Friday night: Store bought challah, Baked Gefilte Fish, Chicken Soup,  Silver Tip Roast (using white wine instead of Guinness) with Smashed Red Potatoes, Fresh Salad, Confetti Cake (yes, from a mix).

Shabbat lunch: Store bought challah, Grilled Chicken Salad (leave out the anchovies and the parmesan), with non-dairy bottled Caesar Dressing.

There. That’s really doable for me at this point. I have decided that there is no need for excess in any of the suppers or Shabbat meals – and keeping it simple keeps me happier. So it’s win win for all.



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  1. Anjanette says:

    Yay, you’re back! I’ve been reading your blog since the time when you were waiting and waiting to be able to live in the U.S. Congratulations on your paralegal job, and I hope you continue to recover and speedily so after your surgery. I like doable meal planning; just did a little today. I don’t love doing it but it’s a necessity if I want to eat normal, healthy meals instead of cheez-its.

  2. Abe Kohen says:

    “using white wine instead of Guinness.”

    I used to cook with red wine, but at ~$26-$29 a bottle of Yarden Cab Sauvignon or similar, it made no economic sense, even with the cheaper Chilean wines. Instead I use whatever the cheapest beer is at Costco. (When in Israel: Nesher beer.) On Pesach it’s the cheapest Chilean wine.

    The food comes out delicious even with the cheapest alcohol. At least my wife says so. ;-)

    • HaDassah says:

      I was always told that you cook with the same quality of wine that you drink…. But I always drink the cheap plonk anyway so it’s all good!

  3. Abe Kohen says:

    And a refua shlema to you. And congrats on landing the job.

  4. Thanks for linking to the recipe on the oukosher.org website!

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