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waterThis latest health issue has underscored something major for me. I do not drink nearly enough. 8 glasses a day? You have got to be kidding me!! I know coffee and tea and soups count, but seriously there is no way I am even close.

Due to the kidney infection I had to flush my kidneys. Minimum of 8 glasses of water a day, preferably 12. How on earth does one manage to drink so much water without living in the WC? But then again, if I become slack again about drinking I am more at risk, so I have been told, of further kidney issues. (Had a kidney stone a while back too. Not fun. Worse pain than giving birth). The more one drinks the better the body works. Less chance of dehydration etc.

So, smart folks, how do you manage to get your eight glasses a day in with minimum of aggravation? Oh and bear in mind I will drink almost anything except plain water, and absolutely no fizzy drinks. Any suggestions of what to drink thats not empty calories?

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  1. Lady Lock and Load says:

    I was told by a nutritionist that coffee with caffiene does not count toward the eight cups. Acts as a diuretic.

  2. I think it’s silly to drink a specific amount each day. So much depends on your diet, activity level and weather. Pay attention to your thirst level and avoid salty foods. As long as your urine is clear you are drinking enough.
    LLandL: I’ve also read that that advice is no longer recommended.

  3. By the way I didn’t mean that “you” are silly, Hadassah! Sometimes I press enter too fast.

  4. The Birth Whisperer says:

    I drink probably twice that a day. You can have herbal teas, hot or cold, diet snapple, sugar free ices, sugar free jello. Also, if you don’t like plain water you can try this; take a tall glass fill with ice cubes, 3/4 water and a little bit of fruit juice. Good Luck!

  5. Lady Lock and Load says:

    Wow, sixteen cups of fluid a day, good for you BW. I just drink as much as I can, I bring water with me wherever I go. Especially to the gym.

  6. Yes, that’s what I meant. Here it is on Wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coffee_and_health#Laxative.2Fdiuretic :
    Contrary to popular belief, caffeine does not act as a diuretic when consumed in moderation, and does not lead to dehydration or to a water-electrolyte imbalance; current evidence suggests that caffeinated beverages contribute to the body’s daily fluid requirements no differently than pure water does.

  7. shoshi says:

    idrink plain water like vittel or evian.
    Take a half liter bottle with you. empty it three times (or 3 bottles), and there you are.. .

    I drink about 3 l a day…

  8. I have other issues which contribute to a greater chance of dehydration – I also have kidney stones. I drink decaf coffee,skim milk (at least 24 oz of protein drinks), I can’t stand plain water so I add packets of lemon crystals (I can’t do artificial sweeteners either) and like you, no fizzy drinks. I also drink a LOT of hot tea. My nurse practitioner told me I could have vitamin water as well – between all that in a day I get 64oz. But I should be drinking more…just don’t have the room for it.

  9. and yes, caffeinated drinks don’t count.

  10. 1. Do you feel the same way about mineral water and tap water? I found we all started drinking more when we bought a mineral water dispenser.

    2. Have water liquid you choose to drink, near you at all times, so that you can drink, even when you are just a little thirsty (but can’t be bothered to get up…)

  11. Jillian says:

    The more water you drink the more you will desire it…really, truly.

    As I see it, you have no choice my friend, if you do not adhere to the Doctor’s advice you will only get sick again.

    FYI: diuretics like tea and coffee should not be included in your 8 glass count.

    Get a large Sigg bottle and fill it up every morning. Bring it with you in your car and chug it throughout the day.

    Glad to be fans of one another!

  12. Lady Lock and Load says:

    Just was reading in a magazine that only 32 ounces of caffiene type of fluids should be counted toward the eight cups a day. Actually, this magazine said that women need more than eight cups a day, they said women need 92 ounces, yikes!

  13. Z! says:

    C’mon!! Who can take in that much fluid?!

  14. Lady Lock and Load says:

    I could do it if I put a big potty next to my computer instead of a chair…

  15. frumgoth says:

    I make a big pot of green tea, then add some lemon juice, pour into a pitcher and refrigerate. I’m a serious coffee person, like you, and would prefer to have coffee all the time, but I know that’s not healthy.

    Also, vanilla rice milk is pretty good.

  16. Kathrin says:

    As for coffee, there are different opinions. Some say it counts, some say it don’t. Anyway, I wouldn’t recomment to use coffee for all 8 cups ;-)

    As for drinking much and NOT living in the WC, that’s something you have to get used to. When you don’t drink much you’ll need to go more often, but as you get used to drinking more fluids that won’t be necessary any longer.

    Some suggested to drink tea, which is a good option if you like your fluids to taste a bit but don’t want to drink juice all the time – but I know that many people have to live closer to a WC when they drink/drank tea.

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