Waking up is hard to do

I get up earlier than the kids, so I can get caffeinated in peace and quiet and slowly open my eyes at my own pace. That’s the idea, anyway. I don’t get adequately caffeinated until about 4 in the afternoon but that’s a different story.

I am a grump in the mornings. And it takes me a long time to be articulate. A long time and a lot of coffee.

But the nine year old wakes up raring to go. He bounces out of bed, questions pouring out of him. He’s bubbly and energetic and so happy with his life. I want to embrace that and encourage it – but but but he’s so………… perky. And it’s early. And I just need more coffee.

But I know this won’t last. At some point in the next couple of years he will develop into a morning kvetch just like his brothers and have to be pushed and prodded out of bed. He will be monosyllabic and non-conversational – and I will still complain.

Pass the coffee. And the grumpitol.

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  1. Have you ever tried Cafe Bustelo? It’s Dominican espresso. Only espresso or black tea can get me caffeinated. American stuff just makes me laugh. :) When my husband switched from regular coffee, even American espresso to Cafe Bustelo, he was perky as can be and also talked at rapid fire speeds. Yes, my husband the Californian.

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