Use Your Feet, Ima!

I just got back from the 6 hour shlepp to pick up my boybies. They just spent some time with their Dad and we have this deal where we meet halfway between NY and Montreal for the hand-off.

So this time, driving back, I had Squiggy in the front with me. Maybe he is just getting to the age where he is looking at how people drive, or maybe he just never thought about it before.

About 10 miles down the highway, he starts to panic. “Ima, why are your feet not on the pedals? Ima – that’s dangerous, you need to use your feet”. I just smiled, thinking he was yanking my chain. Doesn’t everyone know about Cruise Control? But he was really scared. Lenny, in the back, was laughing. He’s a year away from his learner’s permit, he knows “everything”.

I then explained to Squiggy and whoever else wanted to listen, what cruise control was and how it is used. I made sure however, to press the point, that even when using cruise control, you have to steer and you have to be aware of the road. It isn’t a tool so that you can be less vigilant of the roads.

I will never forget his face – Use your feet, Ima!!

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  1. sheldan says:

    LOL! Poor Squiggy. I can picture the “know-it-all,” Lenny, laughing.

    Squiggy will be where his brother is a year from now and will not panic over what seems to be irrational (e.g., your not using the gas pedal to drive).

  2. Ari says:

    Look, ma – no feet!

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