Tzitzit Belts?

Came across this interesting concept, called Tzitzit Belts. For women and men. Now I knew that there are women that wear tallitot – not my thing, but they are more than welcome to do what they want. I have NEVER heard of women wearing tzitzit.

From the site:

The Tzitzit Belt, (patent pending) is a new, innovative garment breaking new ground in Covenant-loyal communities! It’s a modern adaptation of the Tallit Katan but without any of the inconveniences associated with attaching your tzitzyot. Not only is this ideal for women, but we had you ladies in mind when designing it! We didn’t forget about the fellas. We’ve got styles that we think you’ll like as well!  Nothing like this has ever existed until now! The entire family can wear these with any outfit and look good doing it!”


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  1. batya from NJ says:

    Sounds like a missionary group is behind this. Also, all 4 cornered garments are supposed to have tzitzis, NOT belts. This whole thing sounds VERY bizarre to me & I certainly won’t be ordering any for me or for the men in my family anytime soon!!!!

  2. mikeage says:

    The site is registered to Carol Crisafi of South Carolina. I have no reason not to believe she’s the same Messianic “Jew” at .

    So, uh, yeah. Moving right along…

  3. since when is a belt a 4 cornered garment?

  4. RubyV says:

    This is just bizzare. That being said, I do know women who wear tallit katan (they also lay tefillin, etc).

  5. I didn’t investigate too much but my gut says this is a messianic website. The clues all over–including women wearing them and missing the point entirely of it being on the corners of clothing etc. Messianics rarely understand the traditions behind things like tzitzis so they tend to offer bizzare and weirdo products with a Jewish-esque feel to them.

    (Why do I know this? because when I was trying to become observant I often got off track on these websites thinking they were actually Jewish. After knowing a few Messianics it seen became clear the difference.)

  6. oh lol I didn’t read the previous comments! Looks like I’m not the only one who caught that.

  7. Yeah, sounds like a Christian mitzvah enthusiasts (Messianic Christian) must be behind this. If you Google the word “tzitzit” you will find two non-Jewish websites in the top ten results.
    As other commenters pointed out, a belt is no good because it lacks the minimum size requirement required by halacha. Although opinions differ somewhat on this (Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, Grach Naeh, Chazon Ish) everybody agrees that under 18 x 18 inches is not considered a garment.

  8. Amanda Elkohen says:

    Dead giveaway for a messianic. When they use the restroom, their “tzit-tzit” hit the floor.
    I have also seen ones that simply loop around your belt loops, are attached to just an elastic cord, etc. Most are made with embroidery floss or other string (not wool) and only look “right” from a distance.

  9. Ruchi says:

    “Covenant-loyal” – dead giveaway. Just not Jewy-speak. Also if you google pretty much anything Jewish, be forewarned that the results will be brimming with Christian and Messianic options – an entire topic unto itself.

  10. Ruchi, that’s the second thing that tipped me off too. The first, of course being the actual belts themselves lol.

  11. Michael Makovi says:

    Tzitzit have to be tied onto the garment they are worn on. You cannot tie tzitzit, and then later attach them to a garment.

    For example, you cannot tie the tzitzit, then take a garment, punch a hole in the corner, slit the whole, put the tzitzit there, and then sew the hole shut.

  12. You really shouldn’t be so hard on people trying to fulfill mitzvot; after all, we are at least trying.

    The word for “corners” is kanaph, which could mean edge, border, or corner. So I dont think is exclusively has to be a corner. Wouldn’t it be more important to at least have the tziziot as a reminder and not worry how they are attached, than not to have them at all?

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