Today’s Challahtude*!

Definition of *challahtude – a multitude of challahs…. or challahs with attitude!!

These just came out of the oven and the house smells heavenly!




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  1. Yum! Can you come to my house & bake, please?

  2. fille says:

    Hi, “in the pink”

    Thank you again for the quinoa salad receipe you published in summer.

    It has become one of my staples for
    1) Shabbes in summer
    2) $habbes when I am away from home and cannot cook
    3) before fasting
    4) after fasting
    5) When I have to take a pick-nick lunch on the way.

    This week, I spent shabbes in a small hotel room, but thanks to your tasty quinoa salad, it was quite OK.

  3. sheldan says:

    I think I might forward this to my cousin Herby in Israel…I think he’d be interested; he has a long history as a baker (an interesting story which I may share later).

  4. TRS says:

    How do you shape the round ones? My round ones always come out looking like the Blob. Will you provide some guidance?

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