Tichel Cuties???

Hat tip to ES – So not sure what I think of this video…..

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  1. Z! says:

    HAHAHA!!! My nephew sent this to us yesterday!!! (what is a nice yeshivah bochur doing watching this?!?) I think it’s terrible!

  2. Okay, by 0:14 I was cringing, so that’s as far as I got. Okay, then I mustered some more courage and got to 0:22. But that’s as far as I got, because if I cringed any more, I’d look like a pillbug.

  3. Jeff Stein says:

    OK, Michael, if you didn’t like the first 0:22 seconds, let me suggest that you try the last couple of minutes of the video; that wll give you a different song; different video effects; different genre . . . I mean, you don’t see a good, tzniut “wet tichel contest” every day!!

  4. sarel says:

    I am totally addicted to the lyrics.
    Am I missing something? Nice girls singing and being creative. Pushing some buttons but stirring lots of opinions……

  5. Jeff Stein says:

    Good point by Sarel. While some people have questioned a couple of aspects of the video (specifically, the crawling scene), I believe that the lyrics are creative and clever, and — thanks in large part to Lady Gaga — it is very “singable” . . . fun sounding lyrics that get stuck in your head. All seem to agree that the quality of the production (video effects, etc.) is excellent. As the proud father of one of the “Cuties” (Becca, with the curly hair), I may be biased, but based on the first 29,000 views on YouTube, the reviews have been very favorable.

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