These kids, sigh

I am almost done with barmitzvah preparations – as much as can be done until the week of the barmitzvah.

HockeyFan came home from school today and I asked him what colour tablecloths he wanted – I figured at least he could have a say in something. He insisted on white. (It isn’t going to happen. I want vibrant colours). When I tried to discuss it with him he tells me “But Ima, white is the colour of a pure neshama [soul].” – How can you argue with that?

And then he says I can choose so long as they are not pink.

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  1. fille says:

    Well, perhaps, if you are not prepared to do what he whishes, it would be better not to ask him in the first place… It’s kind of weird: he does not really care, but you want him to have a say, he chooses, and you do something else…

    Or is this also early training in female psychology, for the benefit of your future daughter-in-law?

  2. Jean says:

    How about red and while like Les Canadiens? ;)

  3. Mark says:

    And white is apparently good for shiduchim :-)

    [maybe he heard that somewhere?]

  4. sheldan says:

    I think I agree with Fille. If he chooses white, maybe that’s what you should go with.

    I suppose you couldn’t go wrong with blue and white…

  5. Mrs Belogski says:

    When we got married the caterer asked me what colour scheme I wanted for the dinner, so I told her. “No” she said, ” that won’t look good in that hall!” Despite my protestations, she wouldn’t let me have it, and of course, she was right!

    Was going to point about about shidduchim, but someone else got there first – good comeback from your son – you can’t really discriminate against a pure neshama!

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