The Queen’s Speech

Here is my speech from my son’s awesome barmitzvah today – I will post in detail about the whole Shabbat soon.

Kvod HaRav, Honoured Guests.

Every simcha is special, and this one is no different. We’re old hands already at this barmitzvah gig, this being the third in a series…. So far we have managed to have each barmitzvah at a different location, which leaves me wondering where we will be holding Prince Chatterbox’s – but we have four years to think about that. Four years is an eternity when you think about how closely spaced these 3 barmitzvahs have been.

In the last few years we have been blessed with many happy events. Prince Lenny was barmitzvahed, the KoD and I met and got married, Prince Squiggy was barmitzvahed, we moved to NY and now we are here celebrating yet another barmitzvah.

Each child of mine has a special place in my heart. They are each special for different reasons. Today we are going to focus only on Prince HockeyFan – we’ll let our middle child have the spotlight for once – but I am sure after today someone is going to snatch it back from you.

Prince HockeyFan, you have always been my gift that keeps on giving. You were born on my 25th birthday, and as we know, I just turned 32, so you grew up realllllly fast. I have never had to work so hard for a birthday present, but you are more than worth it. No gift has ever brought me such love and happiness.

When we found out you were on the way, we didn’t even bother finding out if you would be a boy or a girl. We kind of assumed that you would be a child of the male variety – we’d already had two of those, what were the chances of you being a girl? Slim to none. Prince Chatterbox was supposed to be the girl….look what happened there….

My Saba had passed away a year before your birth and we chose to name you in his memory. He was a man full of life, devoted to those he loved and had a perpetual twinkle in his baby blues. That twinkle was passed down to you, along with the big blue eyes and the huge heart. You have big shoes to fill – yet I have no doubt that you will do us proud.

You were an easy baby, and an inquisitive toddler who worshipped your older brothers. Your laugh, HockeyFan, as a little boy your laugh sounded as if the angels joined you each time you found something funny. It was truly a delight to witness.

HockeyFan, I have been zoche (I have merited) to watch you grow from a cute little round cheeked baby into the fine young man I see before me. Life hasn’t always been so easy, yet you have faced it all head-on. I am so proud of you. We have been here in NY such a short time yet you have made great friends and fitted in without a worry or a care. You have adjusted to a new school and new circumstances with ease and grace and shrugged it all off as if it were no big deal.

I was so proud to watch you today as you were called up to the Torah. It was a moment I will never forget. You are no longer my little boy, but a man – just like your two older brothers. Where has the time gone? Just yesterday it was your bris, and tomorrow we will be celebrating your wedding. My message to you, dear son, is to stop and smell the roses. Cherish every moment of every day – for each day is a gift to us. It’s up to us to choose how to use that gift. Continue to use your time to learn and to give of yourself. Take time to help those less fortunate than you.

I promised I wouldn’t talk too long, so I am going to wrap up now. I just have a few people I want to thank. Thank you HockeyFan for the excuse to get our favourite people all together under one roof. To my ex husband [I named him, just not naming him on the blog] – we were blessed with four wonderful children, and I want to thank you for being there for them in every way possible. KoD – you are my everything and more. Thank you for being my rock. Mum and Saba – thanks for making the long trip over from Israel. To everyone that travelled from near and far – we appreciate the effort that you all made to be with us for our simcha.

To our children, [I named them all] you make the sun shine constantly in our home – you are what life is all about.

Mazel Tov!!

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  1. Mark says:

    Nice! Mazal Tov again.

  2. Chaya R says:


  3. Risa says:

    תזכי לגדלו לתורה חופה ומעשים טובים

  4. lady lock and load says:

    Beautiful Bar Mitzvah, fit for a prince. He had his father and mother and all his relatives at one Bar Mitzvah. How many times have I seen a kid have two bar mitzvahs, one made by the father and one made by the mother? You and your ex gave your son the best bar mitzvah present. I am totally in awe of you my Queen Hadassah!

  5. Elayne says:

    Mazel tov. Beautiful. Thaks for sharing with us.

  6. Baila says:

    Mazal Tov. May you all celebrate many more smachot together!

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