The Power of Prayer…Highway Edition.

I had a real goosebump moment this morning, and I wanted to share it with you. (KoD please don’t get mad that I didn’t tell you when it happened – I am fine and you would only have worried about me for the rest of my drive home. I am telling you now, so that counts, right?)

So I left the house at about 8:15 this morning and by 8:30 was tootling along the thruway trying valiantly not to shed the tears brimming in my eyes at the thought of again being parted from the KoD. I stopped to fill up with gas just before exit 16 and carried on.

Once I pass exit 16 I usually say Tefillat Haderech – the prayer to keep travelers safe. I have said it so often that I know it by heart by now.

There are a lot of trucks on the thruway and one always has to be extremely aware of them, because of their size, if they make a mistake it could have terrible consequences.

I had just finished saying Tefillat Haderech when I noticed a humongous truck moving up to pass me. Fine. Pass me. You are bigger. It’s ok. The truck hadn’t even passed me when he started veering into my lane. I had that terrible feeling of dread rise up in the back of my throat. Of course I blasted him with my horn while slamming on the brakes, not too severely as there was a car behind me, but luckily he saw what was going on and also braked. It seemed to take forever for the trucker to get the message (if he even got it), and life just went slow motion. I was so scared. All I could think about was what would my loved ones do if I G-d Forbid got hurt.

He ended up missing my front bumper (fender?) by mere inches. I think it took a full 15 minutes for my heart to slow down to normal. I didn’t stay behind this yutz for too long, I was just too scared of what might happen next. I passed him as soon as I could but the whole rest of the way I was almost paranoid every time I passed a truck or a truck passed me.

I truly believe in the timing of my prayer. Had I not said Tefillat Haderech when I did, …..I cannot even finish that sentence. I don’t think the trucker even realized that he almost caused an accident. Sometimes I wonder if they shouldn’t just make separate highways just for trucks.

Baruch Hashem – Thank G-d no one was hurt. That’s the main thing.

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  1. batya says:

    i am happy that you are ok & quite frankly that is why i shy away from highway driving with all the crazy drivers out there going so fast…again, BH you are ok & no harm was done except for your elevated heart rate. it is so scary when those kinds of things happen & then we start wondering all the possible “what ifs” that are so scary to think about…

  2. Mattit_TOFY says:

    I’ve lost count how many times Adonai has saved me… from having only bumps & bruises from a Cadillac hitting me head on going well over the speed limit (I was able to walk over a mile home; to pushing me (literally … defying physics!) forward to avoid hitting the back of a truck on a rainy day when I was on a motorcycle, to keeping me safe when I hit an oil slick on an onramp; to … and those are just vehicular incidents … too many things to count.

    I can truly empathize with your elevated heartrate. When I returned home after the motorcycle incident, a roommate said I looked like I had just seen a ghost. After I got settled down, I told what happened.

    B”H You arrive home safely. The Twitterverse just wouldn’t be the same without you. :)

  3. Ooh, that happened to my mom and me once. We had to drive down the grass to avoid getting hit… scary. I’m glad you’re safe!

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