The Kindness of Strangers

One of my boys had to come home by cab yesterday after school. The school was kind enough to call the company and have him driven home safely. This morning (no school) it was time for him to go to shul to daven and he realized he did not have his tefillin with him. He was absolutely convinced he had brought them in the house, but once we had turned the house upside down, it was obvious that he had not. He knew he had left school with them, but then again – maybe not.

I had him call the cab company himself to find out if anyone had handed them in. He ended up leaving a message for the lost and found person to call him. Luckily it was a Jewish firm – Emunah Taxis, yes I am naming them, because they were awesome!! Ima could totally have done this for him, but I wanted him to learn to fix his own mistakes. If parents keep swooping in to solve problems, the child never develops problem solving skills.

The lost and found lady called back and we set about trying to narrow down the list of possible cabs his tefillin could have been in. I asked my son about the car, about the driver. She said she would call her list of drivers and get back to me. Within a half hour she had called me back, said that they had found his tefillin. What an absolute relief. That band that was squeezing my heart loosened considerably.

Before I could even ask her where I should come to retrieve them, she said that she would have her husband drop them off at our house, after he had picked them up from the driver. These people went out of the way to return the tefillin safe and sound. She sympathized with me, and told me that if her son had lost his tefillin she’d also be stressed.

My son learned an important lesson – to keep track of his things, but I also learnt that there are people out there who do believe in common decency and who do go out of their way to perform a mitzvah.

Do you have any stories where people went out of their way to return something to you? Or where you went out of your way to return something?

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  1. I once left my wallet – with redit cards, gift cards, & $80 cash – on a city bus in D.C. A Days Inn employee who spoke no English had a coworker call me after he discovered my business card. Everything was still there. It was truly amazing…

  2. Bracha says:

    Not a lost and found story but just a comment – the first thing we did when each son got their tefilin was add them to our homeowner’s insurance!

  3. Gavi says:

    Emunah is my machateiniste – he’s a good guy!!

  4. fille says:

    I once lost my keys. I had no signe whatsoever on them that could identify me. One week later, the police calls me, they found my keys:
    they had gone to the maker of the keys and identified me through the number on the key….

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