Thanks, Man!

Ugh! Last night the phone kept ringing and waking me up. Finally at 3 am I took it off the hook. Someone had been trying to fax me all night long. The same person who had been trying to fax me on and off for two weeks. My phone is not connected to a fax. My friend Ev read my complaint on Facebook and offered to fax them on my behalf to let them know they were faxing a wrong number.

Within the hour I received a phone call from a well spoken gentleman apologizing profusely (in English as well!!). I told him the fax tried calling at all hours of day and night. He asked if I had any connection to a kitchen cabinets manufacturer. I said no. He took me off the computer there and then. Before he rang off he again apologized profusely.

I was really impressed that the guy actually called. Wonder what you said in the fax, Ev, but whatever it was, it worked. Thanks for being a good friend.

Next time I bake chocolate chip cookies AND have access to a car, you will be a lucky recipient.

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  1. Wyman Brent says:

    Just the fax, maam…just the fax!

  2. Jonathan says:

    Had something similar happen to me, the calls kept coming for the better part of a week before someone must have realized that their fax wasn’t getting through. Never did get an apology, though…

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