TeeNeck – a product review.

The people at Kosher Casual sent me this product to review. They call it a  “TeeNeck”. To me it looks like a dickie, defined by Merriam Webster as “a small fabric insert worn to fill in the neckline”. That is exactly what the TeeNeck is supposed to do.

Its purpose is to make an immodest top wearable by modest dressers. If your shirt has a low neckline, the Teeneck will fill it in, without the added weight of an extra shirt. In this heat we need keep as cool as we can, while still respecting the laws of tzniut.

So the other day, I decided that I needed to wear it with my casual button down floral shirt, that is slightly low on the neckline. It was a white shirt, and I had a white TeeNeck. The TeeNeck itself is extremely soft and when you are wearing it, you really cannot feel it.

wearing the TeeNeck under my shirt

It covered all it needed to cover without making me over heat. It didn’t move around at all, which was what worried me initially – I was concerned that on an energetic day it might wriggle its way up, or get bunched up, or somehow turn itself around (there is no sleeves or anything really anchoring it in place). It didn’t. I do wonder how larger women would find it – it is a one size fits all clothing item.

While it did tzniusify my outfit to my satisfaction, it did not completely cover my collarbone, which is important to some modest-dressing women. Either I have high collarbones, or the folks at Kosher Casual need to raise the neckline a drop.

Go to their website and see what else they have on offer – they have really great stuff for the modest dresser, and their prices are reasonable. They even have men’s and boy’s pants too! They have clothing that is modest yet trendy – perfect for the teenager and her mother!

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  1. ima2seven says:

    I hate to be a super skeptic, but I found really thin, really high necklined tees from Hanes that tsniusfy just about anything. In addtion, while you are doing kosher casual a great service, there is currently an error on the web site if you click on the item. Hope they fix it and take advantage of the publicity.

    Frumalicious.com owner Mindy Rubinstein from Dallas approached me on vacation recently in Cape Cod. She has some more fun frum fashions worth checking out. Another great and unique place to look is Estielifshitz.com, but the owner is working on getting these unique frum styles more readily in the Unites States.

  2. lady lock and load says:

    I guess they make the neck line lower so the opening is wider and you can get your head in.

  3. mirimosh says:

    @ ima2seven i cheked out the estielifshitz site there are goergous stuff there and my oh my the pictures of jerusalem made me homesick, but in a good way. Thanks

  4. tesyaa says:

    How is it different from taking a regular t-shirt and cutting off the bottom? It’s hard to tell from the picture.

    I think it’s great that a frum person has found a way to make a dollar, but I am fine with regular clothes, which are usually cheaper and better quality. I see that the TeeNecks are either $11 or $13 – might seem cheap but we have 4 girls/women in adult sizes in our family, so it would add up quickly if everyone needed a black and a white.

    My daughter complained that she hates her expensive Kiki Riki shells – they’re too tight (?) and uncomfortable. Back to Old Navy and Target for us – where shells (short and long sleeve) are $8 – $10.

  5. Chaviva says:

    I *hated* the TeeNeck. I was so hopeful, but it doesn’t stay in place, and I’d find myself wearing it on Shabbos and it completely displaced and no one telling me. Drove me nuts. I regretted the buy :

    I’m a fan of the half-shirt, 3/4-sleeve thing. I just wish someone in the U.S. sold them!

  6. G6 says:

    I’m a fan of super lightweight Hanes t-shirts as well. I don’t feel the need to cut them and would worry about “ride up” as well, but I suppose you could.
    And the reason it looks like a dickie to you Hadassah, is because it is ;) !!!
    (Everything old is new again, I suppose)

    • tesyaa says:

      Again, I think dickie (dickey?) is a term used in the British Isles more than here in North America. I know about dickies from my English mother but I knew better than to use the term with my American classmates.

  7. MiriInIsrael says:

    I tried the TeeNecks. They slide all around when I am wearing polo shirts and just like you I found the neckline to low. Recently I have found things called Demi tops from trixieandjane.com and I love them. They are cut off shirts that cut right under the bust but have elastic so they stay. They have all different styles on the site and I pretty much live in the 3/4 sleeve ones here in Israel.

  8. shualah elisheva says:

    this is obviously another orthofox alert – ken? ’cause that floral shirt is quite adorable.

  9. jean says:

    This is brilliant, if it works as it should :)

    I grew up with the term “dickie” because they were once still around … the term faded in the US when the fashion went away.

  10. jean says:

    A thought — maybe they should design one of these with tiny straps or laces to tie around bra straps. May I say “bra straps” on a frum blog? ;)

  11. Sara Geller says:

    We have been selling our TeeNecks for years and like the comments above we have avid fans of the product and some that prefer our cropped shells http://www.koshercasual.com/womens-modest-clothing-accessories-cropped-shells-c-24_26_85.html?osCsid=i77ipved52nbic548q1djetgq7

    We offer many creative modesty solutions such as our original Sleevies and our mini-shrugs http://www.koshercasual.com/sleeveon-bolero-shrug-sleeve-coverup-1620-p-154.html , mot too mention our amazing skirt selection for school, work, and life at prices you will not find anywhere. All our goods are made in Israel too.

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