Tea for Two

(Florence, this is for you)

I spent part of this afternoon at the local kosher grocery with Florence, a good friend. We had some time left over after shopping and she invited me to join her for a cup of tea – a nod to my British roots. I informed my lovely friend that I don’t drink tea out of the house.

I explained that I am very particular about my tea – in fact, so particular, that I only drink tea that has been purchased in the UK and brought to me here. That is the only way I can ensure that my tea is strong enough and tastes the way I am used to it tasting.

Currently I am working my way through a huge box of PG Tips that my friend D brought me back last time he was in Old Blighty.

Nothing, absolutely NOTHING here in the States, or in Canada even comes close to making the same delicious brew. I have my standards, and I need my British Tea with a couple of digestive biscuits on the side.

So, sorry Florence, that I didn’t take you up on your offer, it wasn’t personal to you. It’s not you, it’s me and my tea peculiarities!!

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  1. lady lock and load says:

    Florence, just give her a beer instead ;)!

  2. Miriyummy says:

    Boy, does this sound familiar. The last time we were in London we brought back 720 bags of PG Tips. It’s been a year and we’re just about finished and frantically looking for someone to bring us back another box, or two, or three. I grew up on American Lipton tea, and there was nothing wrong with it, especially the way my very European parents drank it, sweetened with some jam, but then I had to go and marry the X, the British X. He introduced me to PG Tips (and the monkeys) and I have never looked back since. That was the first husband, and now I’m on to the last husband, and he’s a Brit, too. Our relationship began with him bringing me a gift of PG Tips in a Tupperware he had borrowed. I sounds like a commercial for the stuff, don’t I?

  3. Miriyummy says:

    Oops, forgot to click notify…

  4. D says:

    Happy to get you some more next time I head over the pond.

  5. Rifki says:

    Can’t you get them in the US, perhaps online somewhere? We can even buy it in Israel! I’d be more than happy to make you a cup, but alas there’s an ocean that divides us…

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