Tales from Holy Lakewood

From my girlfriend who happens to live in Lakewood. I wouldn’t call her a Lakewood-ite, because, well, because I won’t…….

We are having our fence fixed. Last summer a drunk driver dismantled part of it and a month ago a storm tore up another section.

The township sends someone from the utility to check before work begins. Don’t need any Kentucky fried workers in our lawn.

I noticed this guy was parked out in front of our house for quite a while. Naturally, I asked him if everything was ok and if he needed any help. He said he was ok, but he might need mouth-to-mouth.

I guess that’s a come on, but here I am in my tichel and super tznius clothes, so I didn’t see it coming.


To Mrs So-not-Lakewood – you go girl! You OrthoFox, you!!

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  1. kisarita says:

    orthofox- like that word

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