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Step Parenting Question – Rules

I love my kids. I love the KoD’s kids. I love each one of the seven assorted children differently. They all have different personalities and need different parts of who I am at different times….

I am the parent, not you!!

Do you ever have this happen to you? That someone else has the chutzpah to “parent” your child in front of you? (and I am not talking about spouse who is step parent to your…

Oh the travails of mommyhood / wifehood….

How many of you take butter out of the fridge to soften before you make a sandwich or toast? Do you find that it gets put back in the fridge every time you leave the…

Teach me

My eldest son came to me last night, pushing off going to bed so he could talk to me. I am well used to this stalling tactic, so I didn’t pay him that much attention….

Welcome to the Yiddishe Mama Blog Carnival, Inaugural Edition

I read a lot of blogs, many of them written by fellow Jewish mommies, so I wanted to create a carnival of some great articles, so other people can enjoy their wise words of wisdom….

unconditional bonbons

As a mother I am very aware of the effect of my words and parenting skills, most of the time, but like any other stressed parent trying to do her best, I don’t manage perfection….