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RECIPE – Slow Cooker Beef Stew with Orange Veggies

RECIPE – Slow Cooker Beef Stew with Orange Veggies

I made this for Shabbat lunch instead of cholent, and served it over rice. I cooked the rice the day before, refrigerated it, and allowed it to come to room temperature before serving on Shabbat…

Cholent Poll

Does your cholent have potatoes in it, yes or no? From where does your family originate? (DY – this is for you…well, only if it proves my point!!)

Crock Pot Clean Up

Before every Shabbat I make cholent in my gigantic crock pot. Every Saturday night it is incumbent on me to soak the thing for hours until the crud that stuck to the sides is ready…

Hadassah’s Easy Peasy Cholent

All measurements approximate as I do this now with my eyes closed I usually make this around 11 o’clock on Friday so that it should be ready for Shabbat lunch 24 hours later. It makes…