Sweetness and Light

Sweetness and Light

sunkist_fruit_gems_candyThis is just way weird. I do not believe in coincidence, but…. Both times that I have recently been to the not-specifically-kosher-but-has-lots-of-kosher-stuff grocery store I have been stopped in the snack aisle. Both times by older women. Both wanted to ask me which candies were the best to throw at a bar/bat mitzvah grandchild. Both had Sunkist candies in their hands which are exorbitantly expensive. Today’s lady mentioned she asked me because I look about the same age as her daughter. The lady from last time said she was asking me because I look religious, so I would know these things. What are the chances?

Of course, me being me, we had a whole long chat and ended up with me wishing them mazel tov and a lot of nachas from the grandchildren. I didn’t get into the whole argument over whether we should be throwing candies or not.

I am almost afraid to go there again, they may hang out a shingle, “candy expert in the house”…

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  1. Lady Lock and Load says:

    So when I prepare peckalach for my grandsons bar mitzvahs I will be sure to ask you what candies are good. My opinion of now is the harder the better! Easier to throw and aim at various enemies….

  2. batya from NJ says:

    whew LLL, you sound like a tough chick & i sure am glad i’m not your enemy :)
    personally i like sunkists b/c they’re nice & soft which is a good thing unless the bar mitzvah boy comes fully prepared for the candy pelting with a helmet, body armor etc!

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