Sukkot Menu – Last Days

Sukkot Menu – Last Days

Wed Night


Grilled Chicken

Smashed Potatoes

Green Beans


Thurs lunch


Homemade Macaroni Cheese



Thurs Night – Simchat Torah


Gefilte Fish

Spreads / Dips


Friday Lunch – Kiddush at shul


Friday Night


Gefilte Fish

Chicken and Rice



Shabbat Day


Strawberry Soup

Schnitzel & Turkey Cold Cuts


Desserts still to be figured out.

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  1. Harriet says:

    Dear Hadassah,
    I am a subscriber but don’t often have time to sit and read the posts. I just saw the video of you braiding the six strand challah. I have a couple of comments (nothing that offends, I hope). 1.) You don’t have a British or Welsh accent! (Is that from living in Canada? 2.) Your video was the best explanation I have ever seen. I think I can now try it on my own. Over two, under one, over two is much easier to remember that numbering of strands, etc. 3.) No matter what recipe I use, my challahs turn out heavy. Would you mind sharing yours with me?
    I live in a suburb of Los Angeles and have a daughter about your age. She’s married to a Canadian from Toronto who went to McGill.
    Feel better, you need to regain your strength for all you do.

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