Suck it up!

Growl. I am ticked off. I need to buy vacuum bags for our vacuum cleaner and every single store that I have gone to has every other make and model but the one we need.

I have neither the time nor the patience to traipse from store to store, nor do I have time to order it online as I need one NOW. That’s what happens when you vacuum up dried vomit and your vacuum bag starts to smell and you need to replace it immediately but you forgot to reorder when you used the last one and you have none left.

Why do they have to make them all different sizes? Shouldn’t there just be a standard vacuum bag size that fits all?

Yep. Still growling.

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  1. Dr. Peter Geidel says:

    I know how you feel. When I once ran out of bags (I now have a bagless model), I went outside with the bag, and, using a tweezers, took the dust and lint out of the bag, and then reused the bag. It was not pretty, but it saved the day.

  2. Alan Broner says:

    SURE…like you want life to be easy, and logical?

    One bag for all? Where’s the competition, the market share, the proprietary ownership??? C’mon Dass, you’re getting downright unAmerican

    ((BTW….I agree with you))

  3. Rivkah T says:

    Housewares and Beyond by the Atrium?

  4. lavender garden says:

    Dear hadassah,
    I have found the most convenient way to purchase vacuum cleaner bags is Just type in the model you need and they should have it. it arriives, in my experience, within a couple of days. Hatzlacha and chag kasher v’sameach!
    lavender garden

  5. shilohmuse says:

    It may be easier to buy another v cleaner

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