So long…farewell

I have made a decision to give up a very old and dear friend. A friend who has always been there to soothe me when times have become rough, and to cheer me on when I needed it. This friend, non-judgmental to a fault, doesn’t deserve me to give the heave-ho. There has been no bad behaviour, no tantrums, no change in the dedication or devotion. I just cannot take the stomach aches that this friend has started to inflict lately. So it is with great regret that I banish this friend from my life.

Goodbye Coffee, I shall miss you.

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  1. I never thought I’d see the day :)

  2. hadassahsabo says:

    you and a zillion others – but i have drunk my last one. thats it thats all.

    (I will not cave, thats why i put it out here on my blog, so i have to be accountable, lol)

  3. Good luck! I gave up coffee and chocolate awhile back to see if they were causing my migraines; surprisingly, chocolate was much, much harder to give up.

    I drink tea whenever my stomach cannot handle the coffee, and I like tea just as much, so it’s just not a huge deal to me.

    I like the ritual of a hot cup of something-with-caffeine in the morning. :-)

  4. hadassahsabo says:

    i will be going the tea route, being a Brit and all! with milk and sugar. Doesnt help with the crabbiness tho…

  5. lady lock and load says:

    Good for you. I gave it up several months ago COLD TURKEY and suffered for two days. Hope you are not suffering bad withdrawal!

  6. hadassahsabo says:

    oh lady LnL – I. am. suffering. i did this last year too. kids convinced me to fall off the wagon. they said i am a better person when i have had coffee…..

    i just can’t anymore….

  7. Z! says:

    I know that once you got over the withdrawal last year, you were a much brighter person! I know you can do it.

    Alcoholic beer was alright for a while too, remember?

    Maybe go to a decaf?

    Drink more Diet PEPSI?!

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