Slow Down!

Slow Down!

I was just diagnosed with pneumonia.

I have been sick for a few days, and what with one thing and another I have been running myself ragged. I guess this is my body’s way of saying slow down and take it easy.

The doctor gave me a note for 2 days off school, which is all well and good, but I have papers due and mid-terms and projects and I don’t have time to take time off. I also can’t breathe, and that should make me just shut up and get into bed. But I am so used to being the energizer bunny, that I don’t know how not to be.

My poor husband is getting exasperated with me because I don’t know how to take it easy, and my kids are ordering me back to bed. The fridge is well stocked with chicken soup, so that should help. But I don’t know how to sit and do nothing.

I need to just let things go for the next couple of days. Anyone know how I can do that?

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  1. batya says:

    Darling, you must rest, even if you medicate to do it. You’re in a hyper mode which isn’t good. If you know someone who come over and do reflexology or acupuncture to get you to relax it’s worth it.
    refuah shleimah

  2. Chava Canales says:

    First off, get in bed, rest, let go of the control reigns and let your husband/kids help out (that’s the hard part). Second, read a wonderful book. Not a learning book, not school books, but an easy, enjoyable book. I suggest a biography of someone you admire, or just a novel you’ve been wanting to read. Third, don’t feel guilty for taking it easy and healing. Be well! Chava.

  3. sheldan says:

    Hadassah, as much as you want to keep up with the papers and midterms, what quality will those be if you are too sick to give them the proper attention? You are going to have to take the advice of (1) your doctor, (2) the KoD and the princes, and (3) we readers, especially Batya and Chava, who are giving you good advice here.

    Ditto on Batya’s sentiment–refuah sheleimah.

  4. Babelfish says:

    Take your laptop with you to bed and start doing the homework. Since laptop develops heat, it will keep you cosy and warm, which is exactely right to fight pneumonia…

    Just stay put where you are and don’t let anyone know that you are really doing homework…

  5. rachelli says:

    refua shlaima! you just gotta listen to your hubby and kids, get into bed asap and get better. it can get worse if you overwork yourself. chicken soup and hot tea for you.

  6. Tovit Kelly says:

    A speedy and complete Refua Shleima.
    You’ll do the right thing to re-gain your maximum health status.
    I believe in you.
    Love T.

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