Shalom Bayit Kugel

We had this yummy treat for the first time yesterday at friends. It’s a three layer kugel – potato kugel, yerushalmi kugel and kishke. I have actually seen it made with zucchini kugel instead of the kishke.

We wanted to ask my readership if any of you have ever had it, know why it is called Shalom Bayit (lit. peace in the house) kugel, and how do you make it?

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  1. Rafi says:

    it is called shalom bayis kugel because it assumes there is an argument in the house over which kugel to make for shabbos – yerushalmi or potato. The solution of the 3 layer kugel, the shalom bayis kugel, is to stop the fight by serving both, thereby bringing shalom bayis back to the house. The kishke, by the way, is just to hold the yerushalmi and potato together,,,

    I know where you can buy it in Bet Shemesh if that helps..

  2. lady lock and load says:

    Never heard of it….very fancy! I see that I have hard competition!!! :(

  3. My family makes it with 1 lb. noodles. 3 eggs. 1/2 cup matzah meal. saute a lot of onions, and garlic. add a lot of salt and pepper. Ive never seen it made with all three types of kugels together.

    I always joked that it called the sholom bayis kugel because after eating it ur breath is so bad that everyone just avoids each other so there is no way of anyone getting into a fight :)
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  4. Jean says:

    Just a guess, but I like thinking that the Shlom Bayit name is because the layers all get along in one pan :)

  5. Duvii says:

    @Rafi, the SBK that we buy has the Kishke on top. I’m thinking in Chutz L’Aretz, the Yerushalmi and the Kartufel can get along w/o the Kishke to hold it together!

    @HSM, Zuccinni would be the fastest way to ruin Sholom Bayis in most homes. Please stick to the tried and true Mesorah!!

  6. anonymous says:

    Three times the cholesterol…

  7. shani says:

    does anyone have a recipe for it?? sounds delic!!!!

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