I didn’t get much sleep last night. I have been sleeping so well since I moved to NY – and I must have given myself an ayin hora (evil eye) telling someone yesterday how my insomnia improved as soon as I was settled here.

But it wasn’t that I couldn’t sleep. I fell asleep perfectly well. Then I had dream upon dream featuring someone in my life that is no longer on this mortal coil. In every dream this person was telling me very strongly “I never liked you”. I gave up sleeping at around 2 am because repeatedly waking up with my heart beating out of my chest was just scaring me.

I don’t know why this person was infecting my dreams – I hadn’t thought of them in a quite a while. Now I am groggy and cranky and a little bemused….

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  1. batya from NJ says:

    Freaky but perhaps you were projecting your own feelings about them. Did you like them or not really? Dreams can be so bizarre sometimes & they can definitely freak us out especially when they seem so realistic & unnerving. Sorry that you had this experience but hopefully you won’t have this (or any other) nightmare again.

  2. Alar Bean says:

    I’m sorry you had a rough night. Bad or disturbing dreams can be scary and hurtful.

    Orthodox Jews (not that I’m one) have a ritual to dissipate bad dreams. The say a short prayer and give charity. Psychologists (not that I’m one) teach that dreams are way for our subconscious to communicate with our conscious.
    One popular study of dream analysis states that everyone in your dream is you.
    Do you secretly not like yourself (or aspects of yourself? Or maybe it’s message to yourself that you don’t need others to like you, since you are internally liked.

    Another method of dream anaylsis is to focus on symbols and representation.
    Who was this person? And what do they represent to you?
    Was it someone you used to love? Respect? Fear? Hate?
    Was this someone important in your life or someone you didn’t know existed?
    Does their never liking you matter? (Bill clinton never liked me, but since he doesn’t know me, I’m not troubled.)

    None of the questions above are meant for you address publicly. But, some quiet contemplation on your own might help you properly harness the dream.

    Of course, there is another approach to dreams. That one suggests that dreams are random garbage in our brains that mean nothing.

    Good luck

  3. Batya says:

    Something’s bothering you. There are techniques like NLP or whatever it’s called.

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