Security objects

We all have had or have known kids that dragged around a blanket 24/7 (or a bear or mommy’s shirt) that kept the child company whatever s/he did. I remember having two for one of my kids so I could surreptitiously wash it whenever he wasn’t looking. They can get attached to the smell too. Any parent can tell you that it makes the child feel secure. No matter what they are doing blankie is with them, for them to touch and feel safe.

I have heard of teens sleeping with their blankie / object under their pillow, but generally no one walks to the Chuppah with one.

As an adult, we still need certain objects around us that calm us down and help us feel relaxed. What are your favourite objects?

Ok I will go first – mine – my kids – I know they are not objects, but just hugging them centres me, I was gonna also say the KoD but I knew you would all hurl (but sometimes I just need to call / text / email him and I feel calmer. Even just connecting with him indirectly always helps me). I like looking at my photo albums – reminds me of the amazing happy times we have had.

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  1. Z! says:

    Fish. Especially goldfish.

    Stuffed animal fish, fish artwork, fish magnets, fish memorabilia, fish souvenirs, fish ceramics. Acquiring new fish stuff makes me feel so good. Real pet fish.

    I am a fish-a-holic.

  2. hadassahsabo says:

    something fishy going on there Z! (sorry couldnt resist)

    and R? his BlackBerry?

  3. frumgoth says:

    Call me crazy cat lady, but i have to say, (other than my daughter) my two cats!

  4. Z! says:

    For R, he needs the kitchen cabinets to be stocked with goods. It doesn’t matter that he doesn’t cook, or even if the food doesn’t get eaten. He needs to be able to open the fridge and the cupboards and know there is food there.

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