Scrambled Eggs

Ok, I hate being away from the KoD even for a minute. But it allows me an occasional indulgence. I love to have ketchup with my scrambled eggs. It’s how I was brought up. Occasionally I will have mayonnaise, but more often than not it’s ketchup. The smell of the ketchup mixing with the eggs just grosses him out, and out of respect I will use salsa instead when I am with him. Somehow that’s not as bad.

Do you agree with KoD that it’s just gross or do you agree with me that scrambled eggs are nothing without ketchup?

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  1. KoD says:

    As a woman I know says, it’s “DISGUSTERATING”.

  2. batya from NJ says:

    scrambled eggs are totally FINE with ketchup. it’s what i grew up eating as well! i REALLY don’t see any problem with it & i can’t imagine that it would be so disgusting to someone but to quote a famous hebrew cliche: “al ta’am v’al reyach ein l’hitvakeach” which means you can’t argue with someone about (food) tastes & smells…

  3. Lady Lock and Load says:

    But I thought KoD loves ketchup, I was almost going to buy you guys that for your chasunah present!

  4. yeah I’d have to say that’s disgusting. I even inadvertently tasted that once, when my egg guy screwed up my order, and it tasted disgusting too.

    IMO the only thing that belongs on eggs is cheese, black pepper and/or onions (my absolute favorite breakfast is a fried egg with pepper and onions on a bagel with cream cheese).

  5. lil_lupie01 says:

    I don’t do it every time but every once in a while I HAVE TO have my eggs with ketchup. I used to do it all the time as a child but as I grew up, I kind of lost my taste for it. But it still creeps up on me from time to time

  6. hadassahsabo says:

    Hey British folk – what about brown sauce – that’s good too, right, on eggs?

  7. Lady Lock and Load says:

    my mother used to mash hard boiled eggs in tuna salad. That grossed some of my friends out when I made that.

  8. Cholesterol says:

    what about salami and eggs? that is good!

  9. Try it with jelly. But fry the egg flat, so you can smear on the jelly, and roll it up…like a jelly roll. Yum!

  10. Z! says:

    I enjoy ketchup on my eggs. Especially overeasy runny yokes on toast with ketchup- YUM!

    Hubby thinks I’m nuts.

  11. Frayda says:

    nope, not a fan of ketchup & eggs.

  12. Rebecca says:

    With you, ketchup always with eggs.

  13. Naftali says:

    I had scrambled eggs with ketchup and flat eggs with jelly as a child. I also remember my mom making sliced hotdogs with eggs, to which delicacy I added ketchup. For health reasons, I’ve generally stayed away from fried eggs for many years. While I generally love ketchup, the grossest ketchup story I ever heard was the guy who added ketchup to his glass of milk. Quite disgusterating!

  14. Z! says:

    Over shabbos this very query came up and we all decided that there are only two camps on this issue- either you love it, or you hate it!

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