School Day #1

School Day #1

I started college this morning.

I was nervous – not so much for the studying but more for the social aspect – would I fit in? Would I stand out? Would I be the oldest student on campus or in my classes? (Yes to the last…so far)

I shouldn’t have worried. I am there to learn as much as I can and get those letters after my name.

My first class was Human Sexuality 101. Now before you get all shocked and ask what does that have to do with Paralegal Studies, I will tell you that students have to take an English course AND a Math / Science course. I have a hate / hate relationship with Math, and Human Sexuality 101 qualifies as a Science. I may even learn a thing or two.

One of the first things our professor said was that it wasn’t a semester of watching porn – so anyone who expected that could leave. I knew that. Basically, the course is designed to study human sexuality as a comprehensive and integrated topic with emphasis in viewing sexual behaviour from an anatomical, physiological, hereditary and psychosocial perspective. Reading through the syllabus – it looks quite a fascinating class. Follow me on Facebook for my class notes ;) The professor gave off a great helpful vibe, and seemed very personable. He twigged early on that I was religious (despite my efforts to blend in) and made a comment about how he will do his best not to offend any sensibilities and will be respectful of other viewpoints, and how foul and crude language will not be permitted.

After that I had English 101. Which had a totally different vibe. This professor was obviously jaded from teaching for decades and spent most of the class going over the syllabus with every point having an additional comment related to “You’re not in high school any more”. I found it patronizing and condescending, BUT judging from the looks of everyone in that class, they just finished high school 3 months ago and probably needed a reminder. In both classes I am way older than everyone else. I couldn’t stick around campus today because I have eleventeen other places to be, but the people watching just walking between classes was awesome.

UGG slippers are a thing, apparently, as are jeans with very pointy heeled boots. I didn’t see one tichel / head scarf, which made me glad of my decision to start off in a wig.

I already have a conflict with yomtov. I have an in-class essay to write on Simchat Torah and the professor says he doesn’t allow retakes. That’s 7.5% of my final grade. So I am hoping he will be respectful of my religion and allow me to reschedule it.

Tuesday’s classes are Civil Liberties, and Introduction to Paralegal Studies.

Stay tuned for more updates from the college.

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  1. rachelli says:

    lots of luck in college! gmar chatima tova!

  2. Risa says:

    Good luck with this, you will do fine. Enjoy!

  3. Daniel says:

    Get the Simchas Torah conflict taken care of right away. You may need a form letter from some clergy (either your Shul rabbi or maybe there’s even someone on campus) or you may even need to take it to the department chair to override the professor. There’s zero excuse these days for losing 7.5% of your grade for valid, documented, religious observence.

    • Batya says:

      I agree. You’re studying law and should find out how to fight such a demand.

    • Jamie says:

      As an professor, I absolutely agree. Talk to the professor early and in advance. Preparedness, combined with being a non-traditional student (and therefore responsible appearing), will probably play in your favor. If you don’t have documentation from a rabbi, simply explain it is a day of religious obligation and offer to get the letter to him quickly. As much as I hate it, it is our department’s policy to require documentation for *everything*–we’ve had too many grandmothers die too close to major assignments. Offer to make the assignment up in advance during office hours. I’m sorry if this comes across as obvious or condescending. I’ve had just had so many students keep me out of the loop until it is impossible (or just really frustrating) to accommodate them.

  4. Batya says:

    We’re rooting for you!!

  5. sheldan says:

    It’s too bad you could not have had my math courses…I’m teaching two courses each at Broward College and Palm Beach State College.

    As for the letter from the rabbi, I secured one from one of the rabbis in Memphis and I have provided it to all my supervisors so that they know that I need to have those days off. I have never had a problem with any of the places I worked at, and they were very accommodating.

  6. BS”D
    Good luck with your studies Hadassah! I hope Everything will work out for the best. BeHatzlachah!

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