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Recently I was contacted by an online friend and long time blog reader Mallory, who wanted to let me know about her new business selling Scentsy products. She wanted to know if I wanted to review some nice smelling stuff. Having 4 boys in the house and a smelly dog (well, he isn’t always smelly) I was glad to jump at the opportunity.

The first product we tried was the room spray “Jumping Jelly Beans”. We sprayed it into the air and immediately smelled candy. The younger boys liberated it from my possession and ran downstairs to spray it on their older brother’s pillow for when he got home. I *think* they thought it would be a nice thing to do. He walked into his room later that day and asked if anyone had been eating candy in his room. Yes, there was much snickering! One of the kids sprays it in the air and then walks through it – he says smelling like candy is awesome.

We also received three car air fresheners – the type you hang from the rear-view mirror. The first one I opened “Route 66″ was just….. too MALE….. so I hung it in one of the teens’ room to counteract teenage yuk. He wondered why he didn’t get one that smelled of candy but he didn’t rip it down or throw it away.

I put the second one – “Coconut Lemongrass” –  in the KoD’s car. It’s fresh but not overpowering, and when the car is parked in the garage, the garage actually smells good.

The third – Camu Camu- is in my car and I love how it smells. It’s kind of flirty and sweet and feminine.

The best part of all of these car fresheners – not a hint of pine in sight er… smell!

Mallory also sent me a ceramic warmer with a package of Blueberry Cheescake scented wax to melt in it. The warmer uses a lightbulb to gently melt the wax. When I leave it on in the living room of my house, the aroma wafts through the house. It isn’t strong or harsh or in-your-face – gentle and soothing.

I am a long time user of other name brand scented stuff- the plug ins and air fresheners, and I was a little skeptical that these products would be any better. They are. The scents smell like they are supposed to, and don’t leave you looking for the open bottle of pine sol. TODAY they also debuted a fondue warmer – totally on my wish list!

If you want to browse the website – Click Here. To contact Mallory directly email her at You won’t be sorry – the prices of these products are very reasonable and you do get major bang for your buck. There are many other products that were not featured in this review. You can also volunteer to host a Scentsy party and get cool discounts. I plan on hosting a party soon. (If you want an invite let me know!)

I was not paid for this review, however I did receive the products for free.

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