Rina Lazarus

Anyone read Faye Kellerman’s books? I love them and devour them. Today I finished her latest – Blindman’s Bluff. An awesome book, as usual. My obsession with her books started a while ago. I am a longtime fan of her husband’s books – Jonathan Kellerman. So I decided to pick up a book of Faye’s to see if there was a similar style and I got hooked. Now their son Jesse is a successful writer in his own right. THEN my friend Lisa who lives on Canada’s west coast told me she had read a book and the character in it reminded her so much of me, she just had to send me the book so I could read it for myself. The character was Rina Lazarus – an orthodox Jewess who covers her hair and wears denim skirts, has sons, is a gutsy woman, gets remarried to an older guy…  There were a lot more similarities. Every time I read one of her books somehow Rina looks like me in my imagination, and her husband, the police detective, looks a lot like my KoD!!

So Hollywood, when you want to make one of her books into a movie – I don’t mind playing the role of Rina Lazarus. I’m just saying.

Have you ever read a book and seen yourself as one of the characters? What book? What character?

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  1. G6 says:

    I read a lot of her early books enjoyed them very much.
    As with most authors though, I find when they get too prolific, they also get a bit repetitive.
    I still think her first – The Ritual Bath – is the best.

  2. ilanadavita says:

    I am a big fan too but haven’t read this one yet. Let us know when you land the role!

  3. frumgoth says:

    I also love the Kellerman books, have been reading them for 20 years. You should def. read Jesse, esp. Trouble and The Genius.

    As for identifying with a character in a book, this is going to sound corny b/c my parents literally named me after two of them: Amy in Little Women.

    And even though I never met you in person, now that you mentioned it, you are SO Rina Lazarus!

  4. Lisa Danton says:

    Its so true – you’re definitely Rina in my eyes! Glad you’re enjoying the series. *hugs*

  5. tila says:

    I also adore this series. I did not know the KoD was a gingy? i have yet to find a character t hat I see myself in. I will think LOOOOOONG and hard about this!

  6. I’m on book # 5. I found her books about 3 years ago. Someone told me I look like her based on the decription.

  7. Rebecca says:

    I too have read some of her books and truly enjoyed the Rena Lazarus character. I read Ritual Bath and Milk & Honey. I think there were a couple of others, which at this time, I cannot remember their names. Rena did marry an older man, a detective, prior to their marriage, he converted to Judiasm, but if I remember correctly, one of his parents was born Jewish. I cannot remember which one. I hope you enjoy the rest of the books. I also enjoyed some of Jonathan’s books. Some were too gruesome for me to read. By the way, I have been away for a week and am just catching up on your blog. I am sure that if KoD came to Montreal, that the 6 of you had a wonderful time. I hope that you had some quality time alone.

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