REVIEW: Empire Chicken Nuggets

REVIEW: Empire Chicken Nuggets

We are very much a chicken / meat and potatoes kind of household, and I don’t always cook meals from scratch. I know, shocking, eh? Sometimes I am so busy that I look for convenience and speed. We’ve long been Empire Chicken Nugget fans, well, ever since we moved to the States. A tray of nuggets, a tray of fries or taters tots – bung them in the oven at 400 – 425 for 20-30 minutes, sliced up some fresh veggies, and voila, food for the kids. (I have been known to make a Chicken Nugget sandwich on crusty bread with the salad inside. I’m a grown-up kid, what can I do?)

Empire has reconfigured their nuggets, improved them and re-released them to thrill tastebuds of their admirers, both young and old.

We received a package to try.

New Nugget

The boys were watching my every move, as they knew that their opinions in this taste test would matter greatly. They examined the shape and consistency of the frozen nuggets, employing terms that they must have heard on one of the cooking shows that I watch. “Ima, will you make an au jus to go with it?” Yeah. No. They can have ketchup.

My little one came running to the kitchen every 3 minutes to see if they were ready yet. Finally dinner was served. The boys, already so well trained, waited patiently while I Instagrammed a picture of the nuggets, and then they dug in.


First word out of their mouths was “chickenny”, as in the nuggets tasted more “chickenny” than before. The boys felt that the nuggets were more moist, and more seasoned. They also felt that the nuggets crisped up on the outside better than the original nuggets ever had. Plates were licked, and thumbs up were given. Even Max the dog got to taste the chickenny goodness, and gave it two paws up. I sampled, and I have to agree with the boys – these tasted a lot less like convenience food, and a lot more like a healthy supper made in record time.

Interesting fact: These nuggets are eco-friendly! The oil used in production is turned into bio-diesel….So the truck delivering your nugget may be nugget powered!

DISCLAIMER: I was not compensated in any way financially for this review, but I did receive the nuggets at no cost to me.

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  1. Abe Kohen says:

    Lose the bread crumbs.

  2. S.A. says:

    Au jus sauce on nuggets? Are you sure they are paying enough attention when watching cooking shows? LOL

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