Religious Rant

Religious Rant

I am blessed with four sons. Four healthy perfect sons. Three have now made aliyah. The oldest two are currently serving in the IDF, and the third is waiting for his draft date. I used to say that two were no longer religious. But a rabbi whom I respect put me right. Is it up to us to define what religious is? Just because someone doesn’t lay tefillin or keep shabbat, does that make him no longer religious? Do you want to tell me that my sons are not doing God’s work? What is more religious than protecting our people, and the country given to us by God? Why do we have to put labels on people? Why does society make me need to explain?

I am proud of all of my sons. I may be the proudest mother around – any excuse and I will talk about them. I have been told that it’s not appropriate to be so proud of those no longer observant. That by being proud I am condoning their lack of observance. So, what? I should cut them out of my life because they choose to be different from me? No, that’s not who I am. That is not unconditional love.

So yes, I will mention all my children when lightly prompted (let’s face it, even when not prompted), and I won’t mention religious or observance level. If people want to judge, that’s on them. (And if people want to blame the fact that my kids went on their own derech on my lack of hair-covering, that’s just lame and shallow).

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  1. rachelli says:

    you should have much nachat from all your sons and they should bring you 4 lovely daughters ! (when they marry).If pple are judging you by your children, or visa versa, you are hanging around the wrong crowd. religion is between the person and g-d. we can teach our children up to a point. when they mature/get older /they need to decide where they stand.

  2. Chava says:

    A person had the nerve to reference your sons observance with your covering or not covering of your hair? That you shouldn’t be so proud of a less observant child? Sickening.

  3. Jack Steiner says:

    We all have our paths and it is better to be a good person who is off the derech than on and I have known both.

    I think your boys are awesome and they are obviously giving back in a way that not all of us can. That is invaluable.

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