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I had a physical today at the GP. Just the regular check up, nothing special. Doc is a frum guy, big long beard, yarmulke, tzitzit. Asked me where my husband davens etc. Was very comfortable with him. Of course, when he came in the room it didn’t occur to me to shake his hand, because us religious folk don’t do that between the sexes. But then, he had to touch me to examine me. So would it have been so heinous if I would have stuck out my hand? Just thinking aloud…..

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  1. Certainly doesn’t seem like it should’ve been a problem, but… well, we don’t live by the same rules, I guess. Interesting thought. Interested to see what others say.

  2. batya from NJ says:

    Probably would be heinous from his perspective where women & men don’t casually shake hands even in a professional setting. My guess is that if you were a non-observant Jewish patient or non-Jewish, he likely would not have been taken aback were you to stick out your hand to shake his but as a fellow frum/observant member of the tribe, he most likely would not have been pleased to shake your hand as it was not necessary for the medical exam nor from a medical perspective.

  3. YC says:

    How about in the store touching getting change VS shaking hands?

  4. Hadass Eviatar says:

    I have urge obvious solution – my doc is a woman!

  5. Hadass Eviatar says:

    Ugh, hate autocorrect sometimes! I have nothing to say about your urges ;-).

  6. kisarita says:

    I second female practitioners for female patients. Although I personally was treated with a gross violation of boundaries by a female practitioner, I still think that is more likely when the practitioner is male.

    A therapist even more so. Better a male gyno than a male therapist.

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