What a wonderful weekend that was with my KoD. The KoD played a prank on me, and I totally fell for it. I am so gonna get him back, I just have to figure out how.

On his drive up he let me know when he reached certain key landmarks – Albany, Lake George, Plattsburgh etc. Around 2 pm on Friday he texted me saying “12 cars” – which basically meant there were 12 cars ahead of him in line at the border. So I figured I had at least an hour, probably more, until he got here. The kids were watching a movie, food was cooked for Shabbat, so I closed my bedroom door and got into my shower (I have an ensuite bathroom). The idea was to be all freshly showered and made up and looking gorgeous for my King when he arrived. He deserves for me to make a special effort, I thought. Hahaha.

So I take my time with my ablutions, probably was even singing in the shower. *cringe*. As I towel off I am thinking through my clothing options. I opened up the bathroom door minding my own business, wrapped in a huge pink fluffy towel, lost in thought.

Facing the bathroom door is my recliner, which is generally unoccupied unless I am sitting in it. Except, I open the door to exit the bathroom and there is a MAN sitting in it with a big grin on his face. My husband. Who was still supposed to be on the road. I screamed and clutched my heart. He laughed. I went back two steps and closed the bathroom door, and then reopened it and peered out. Yep he was still there. Of course I ran to him at this point and I think I punched him softly on the shoulder. He was thrilled to have surprised me. I don’t like surprises, and am very suspicious, so I know when someone is going to surprise me. Totally didn’t see this one coming.

He walked in the front door, apparently, and the boys were jumping up and down with glee to see him, but before they could yell and alert me to the fact that he was here, he put his fingers to his lips and shushed them. The eldest prince had told me that KoD was gonna punk me again, I was so sure he wouldn’t. They thought it was hysterical.

So now we need to come up with a wonderful way to get him back….all thoughts and evil plans appreciated ;)

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  1. ladylockandload says:

    Hadassah, you are clever and will come up with something good. Now that you’re on to him, I will help the KoD come up with an even better surprise (so watch out!)

  2. hadassahsabo says:


  3. hadassahsabo says:

    KoD – just a little warning, i have had some awesome suggestions….you never know…

  4. Jewish Side says:

    You guys are so cute, playing pranks on each other!

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