Post Simcha Slump Syndrome

Yep. That’s what I am suffering from. We planned the barmitzvah for almost a year. It took over every non-working waking moment for the past couple of months, and I put so much time effort and energy into making it a barmitzvah fit for a prince and his blended royal family. It paid off, handsomely. But after the adrenalin rush, comes the slump.

Now I am totally wiped. I am exhausted and just want to sleep. The blues are nipping around my heels but I am banishing them. Pesach is coming, and summer is around the corner. The PSSS has orders to be gone by the weekend.

We are having our first official Shabbat lunch guests this week (about darn time) – and I need to put on a meal fit for Kings and Queens and their adorable progeny. My boys will eat anything so long as I call it cholent ;)

Luckily I have access to some great recipes through work, and I will try to focus on that in order to banish all vestiges of PSSS.

How did you banish your PSSS? Help me re-energize.

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  1. Rebecca D says:

    Mazel Tov again! I can definately relate!!! Still when you view those picks of your affair you live the whole affair again. As for shobbos don’t stress for the Royal family I have a trick…At the first course i not only have fish we have lots of easy salads spread out. Israeli salad, american, potatoe, iisraeli egg salad, and a non mayo cole slaw or an occasional guacamole. the company is so stuffed after the first course that cholent, chicken and kugal are over kill though we serve it anyway. Then tea and hand held goodies like cookies,sliced easy cake like marble ,flavored tea and coffee, and a store bought candy tray is enough. We serve about 6-18 every shobbos with this fare. Mazel tov and relax. I still rccamend chocolate for destressing!

  2. My Mom always tells me not to get stuck in the negative muck! Treat yourself after all that Bar Mitzvah hard work- go take some much needed Mommy time before the big Pesach push :)

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