Pink Shirts

Can you settle something for me? Isn’t it true that real men wear Pink? Am I not being unreasonable by expecting my menfolk to wear pink if I buy it for them?

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  1. ladylockandload says:

    For who, hubby or the kids?

  2. Mottel says:

    I don’t wear pink shorts . . . and yes I am comfortable with my masculinity.

  3. rabbifink says:

    Hehe. I love the pink, I wear pink ties and shirts all the time.

    For my sister’s wedding in March I got the most beautiful pink tie ever from Nordstrom.

    My 6 year old son – not so much. He gets “the business” from his class mates if he wears pink and he doesn’t yet have the cajones to stand up to them (nor should he have to) so we have relented from putting his pink shirt out for him to wear…

  4. hadassahsabo says:

    Lady LnL – all of them really. Oldest kid was bought a pink dress shirt for shabbat and loves it, the others won’t touch pink. It’s for girls. the KoD – he is very conservative in his mode of dress. If he finds a shirt that’s a pink he can live with he will wear it.

    Mottel – pink SHORTS? now that would be a sight to see ;-)

  5. Tom says:

    real men wear pink. The only person in my house who doesn’t wear pink is my daughter – go figure.

    I happen to like pink and all the other colors of the rainbow.

  6. hadassahsabo says:

    Rabbi Fink – Good for you!! see, even rabbis wear pink!

  7. hadassahsabo says:

    Tom! woohoo another real man! that’s so funny that your daughter doesnt wear pink!

  8. Simon Synett says:

    I wear a pink shirt on occasion. Esp. for Shabbes or Yom Tov.

  9. ladylockandload says:

    My hubby only wears white shirts, boo hoo! Ossur in Monsey, I guess…

  10. hadassahsabo says:

    If KoD was a 100% white shirt kinda guy I wouldnt even ask….but he isnt….neither are the princes…

  11. when i started wearing pink (ties, then shirts), it took getting used to. but then again i only started wearing them after i was a bit older (19) and had developed a level of self-confidence to pull it off.

    its all about how confident you are in your circle. i would suggest letting your kids start wearing pink when they want to. they’ll get there. and if not whats the big deal. theres always other colors

  12. Rifki says:

    By now, you ought to know that kids can be cruel, especially little boys, so I’d forgo pink shirts for the yeshiva crowd, however, I’m sure that eventually as they get older, they will ease up on this sort of thing. At least, you’re firstborn is showing his true colours (pun intended!)

  13. Nesha says:

    Queen H….
    I’ve so enjoyed reading your beautiful blog. I love your life. you sound happy…content. Life has changed so much since we were the Amazing Babies. I hope that you are content and in love with life. I’m trying…each day.


    PS – cant believe almost 7 years has flown by.

  14. hadassahsabo says:

    OMG NESHA!!!!! wow – thought about you so much over the years. so good to hear from you!!


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