Pick Me Pick Me!! Battle of the Bloggers

So, as many of you know jdeal NY has been having a Battle of the Bloggers Competition for the last three weeks. Every week there have been 3 winners chosen – chosen by the number of LIKES their comment has had on the Facebook page. (Said comment had to include a link to the blog). I won in week 2 – which was awesome. I won $100 AND $100 worth of jdeal credits. Thank you for voting for me, peeps!

Thursday night they are having the launch party for this fantastic company – and they will choose the grand prize winner out of the nine finalists. I want to be that one – the big winner and I plan to be there to hear my name being called!! In order to win, I have to convince the panel of judges, through my blog, why they should pick me as the Brand Ambassador for jdeal NY for 2011.

So here goes – a little extra “pick her, pick her” in the comments won’t hurt either!!

Hi JDeal NY,

I heard you are looking for a Brand Ambassador for jdeal NY for 2011. You have cast your net far and wide – which I understand, but really, once you came across my name, you should have just stopped. For I feel I am the perfect person for the job.

Almost every deal that you post is something I could make use of, or something I could see my blog readers utilizing. Did you know that whenever I have mentioned a product or a company in a blog post, the traffic to that company’s website increases significantly? It is so humbling that a mere recommendation from my blog can help to drive up sales!!

I am a social media junkie and as such have my finger on the pulse of everything that is happening Jewishly in NY – and with my more than 3000 Twitter, blog and Facebook followers I can get my message out quickly and effectively.

I represent your demographic perfectly. I am Jewish. I live in the NY area. I embrace my Jewish culture in a major way – it is central to who I am. Between us, my husband and I have a lot of kids, with many friends, who could all make major use of your deals. Let me illustrate how I represent your demographic.

We eat a lot of bagels (Bagels & Co.) – I like mine with tuna, but can do the lox occasionally. One of my kids loves to dip his plain bagel in Chummus (the Hummus Place), but to each their own. Naturally Kosher food (Kosher.com, Supersol Upper West Side, Fischer Bros) is a must in our house and I really enjoy cooking up a storm for my family.

I love taking pictures of my kids and with a barmitzvah coming up (The Boychik Affair) we are going to need a photographer. Toni Jade maybe? I wonder how many people will be planting a tree in the barmitzvah boy’s name in Israel (JNF)?

If you have read my blog you know that I am an aspiring fashionista with a modest twist. Shopping in the city is my idea of heaven. And when I have shopped till I dropped (Planet Kids, La Moo, I LOVE NY Shopping Tours), it’s great to be able to find somewhere kosher to eat, and to eat well. (Galil, U Café, Terri). Of course I would take total advantage of my Kosher Advantage card and save the big bucks. If we were making a complete day of it, we would go to a show to just complete our Manhattan experience before heading back to the ‘burbs. (Stand up NY, Merkin Concert Hall). Maybe we’d even manage to squeeze in some time to take a photo tour of Manhattan with Judah S Harris or to do a NY Scavenger Hunt.

After all that eating and indulging, we will need to work out to burn off some of those calories…Maybe James Rizzo could come over and give us a great training session. Or we could be gentler on ourselves and do some Yoga with Rena. Understandably the day after running around we’d have to drop our clothes off at Green Apple Cleaners and then maybe indulge our tired bodies at the spa (Yin Beauty).

I don’t know if you know this, but I met my husband, to whom I lovingly refer as the KoD, through a dating website. I remember much gnashing of teeth writing my dating profile – I really could have had the Hitchcraft Project do the hard work for me. Not that I am complaining – I must have written the right things – after all, we’ll be celebrating our second anniversary next month.

When it comes to my kids, I am a total Jewish Mama. I want them to have every opportunity that they can have. Maybe I would arrange some music classes for them (Shir Fun Kid’s Music) or plan a fantastic birthday party that they will never forget (Child’s Play NY). However, after such a fun party, I would probably have to take the kids for dental checkups to make sure the birthday sweets did not ruin their teeth (Gentle Dental). When my kids were younger they would have loved to have received a personalized gift from AB Creations, but sadly, that didn’t happen….It won’t be that long before I will be able to spoil my grandchildren with such lovely gifts.

In our home, we all love to learn – about everything, really, but being religious Jews, Torah is central to everything we do. If I had the opportunity, I would totally be learning right now at the Drisha. One day…

Torah takes care of my soul – but sometimes my body needs a little TLC – I have found that acupuncture works really well for headaches and aching muscles, and just to relieve every day tension (Conscious Health and Wellness). I could also use an occasional chiropractic adjustment (Anderson Peak Performance) although the sound of my bones clicking does scare me a little.

So, revered judges, I am sure you can see just how well I can fit the position of brand ambassador, just how effective I will be at representing jdeal NY. Your choice is obvious – Pick me! Hadassah Sabo Milner for Ambassador!!

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  1. tikunolam says:

    Wow you are good! There is no way anyone can beat you for this one. If I get a vote, mine goes to you!

  2. Nora says:

    Definitely pick her! She’s fair with reviews and has definitely shown me to some great places on the web.

  3. Mark says:

    Hadassah – you are one awesome blogbabe! You’re a win in my book anyday :-)

  4. Rachel says:

    WOW! I could have spent a month with that list and still not come up with anything quite and fluid and witty!

    Here is my ‘pick her, pick her’ bid!!! As a mom, a wife, a friend and an all around bright cookie – HSM really does represent so many facets of a NY Jew! Her fashion sense is unrivaled, as are her cooking abilities.

    If you want your name out there – she is the best megaphone you could use! So, JDeal Important People, if you want your business to boost to the next level – don’t look any further!

  5. KoD says:

    QoH, you never cease to amaze me with your cleverness!! I was very impressed with the way you included JDEAL deals in this post. My vote goes to you, too!! And, besides, we really need the prize money to replace the garage door that I backed into yesterday with the car. :-)

    • lady lock and load says:

      What? KoD backed into the garage door? The guy is so in love with Hadassah he had a hard time concentrating….hope the car is okay!

  6. If there is one woman to pick, it’s Hadassah Sabo Milner. Seriously, there are no others to consider. She is amazing….and always brings a smile to my face.

  7. What a post! Even though you’re “the competition,” I definitely want to say “pick her! pick her!!”

  8. gruvenreuven says:

    Got my vote

  9. Chav says:

    You are perfect for this!!! You have to win! I give you my vote anyday!!!

  10. No one will be as tireless an ambassador as HaDassah and her take on the best deals New York has to offer! HSM #1!

  11. Hadassah will make a great representative, as others here have so poignantly pointed out. Then again, I think HSM does the best job of all at showing why you should, in fact, pick her!

  12. batya from NJ says:

    I enjoy reading Hadassah’s blogs every day & I find them relevant & entertaining & I’m sure you won’t regret picking her as JDeals ambassador b/c she will SURELY help boost sales!

  13. LP says:

    Pick HaDassah!!! She deserves to win!!!

  14. Vicki says:

    If I had to vote for “woman I most enjoy watching making Shabbat dinners from the comfort of my own Twitter account, ” my vote would definitely go to Hadassah. She has really created a community on her blog, take note!

  15. lady lock and load says:

    Please pick Hadassah to be the JDeals ambassador! This gal is doing things and going places and is sure to become famous. I am hooked on her blog! Pick her and you won’t regret it!!!!

  16. G6 says:

    My vote goes to the Queen of All Things – Hadassah, as well.
    G’luck, my dear!

  17. SR says:

    Pick Hadassah Pick Hadassah! I can’t tell you how many websites I’ve visited thanks to Hadassah’s blogs, how many new contacts and friends I’ve made and how much fun I’ve had in the process. JDeal will be lucky to have Hadassah!

  18. Verrrry well done. Good luck!

  19. mokumalef says:

    Hey, that’s not a question. You gotta be da picked one. Who else is as fair, as funny, as serious, as gourmet, as outgoing, informative as is you! Even though I am only lurking in the periphery (still no FB or twit sadly) you offer a forum where even only semi-connected ones like myself can participate! I am really grateful for that opportunity. You have a bridge function between the life community you left behind in the Far North and the rest of the electronic world – Kudos! You demonstrate products that make one in the Far North salivate because they are often not available. So – looking fwd to have a huge get-together end of March for a certain occasion, where – hopefully – I can finally meet some of those awsome ones that populate your blog. So again: Pick Pink!

  20. Chaviva says:

    As is said on Iron Chef … LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!


  21. Awesome prose, Hadassah! Good luck :)

  22. Mark says:

    Pick her! Pick her!

    Different “Mark” here, but I also think you are a blogbabe :-)

    Or maybe a blorthofox?

    But seriously, this is one of my favorite blogs and I comment here quite often. I like the widely varying topics, the interesting things chosen to blog about, the relevance and the timeliness.

  23. J says:

    Dear Madam Ambassador
    Of course they should pick you. Your blog is always fresh (UK meaning).
    Some of your recommendations are good for us here in Israel and others are good to make a note of for when we come to visit.

  24. JewishMOM.com says:

    pick her! she will be the best JDeal ambassador, FOR SURE!!!!

  25. HSaboMilner says:

    Aw you guys make me blush – you are the bestest!!!

  26. Riva N. says:

    Good luck. They should just pick you and be done with it already!!

  27. It’s not just a one time contest thing! Her blog rocks! @carolw

  28. shorty says:

    Pick her! Pick her!

  29. Rubyv says:

    I likey

  30. rgoldstand says:

    I’ll buy anything Hadassah sells me. Even the Brooklyn Bridge…

    Hehe, ok so I’m exaggerating *just* a little. But Hadassah still rox my (Ortho)sox! Good luck, HSM!

  31. Benji Lovitt says:

    Judges: I don’t call Hadassah my Orthodox married internet girlfriend for nothing. On behalf of the Jewish people, David Ben-Gurion, and all the chumus in the state of Israel, you should pick her.

  32. Rafi says:

    Just do it already. Pick the Coffee Queen. Its a forgone conclusion, as nobody can match up with her SM skills

  33. Rivkah T says:

    Love your creative post and all the name dropping ;). You would make a great JDeal Ambassador!

  34. Lisa Danton says:

    Hey JDeal,

    you have to pick Hadassah! She has been my ambassador into the Jewish culture. So if you want to attract Moms who admire her style, moxy and courage, to your deals – this is your gal!

    H – thank you so much for your blog – I have laughed, cried and learned lots over the years.

  35. loveheals says:

    No one could be more perfect than Hadassah. You must pick her! With her vivacious personality, huge fan base, and *winning* way with words and phrasing, Hadassah will have folks melting their credit cards at your clients’ websites and places of business. JUST DO IT!!

  36. Z! says:

    What I like about Hadassah is that she has tried over the years of writing her blog to incorporate new ideas and “chapters”. She has used this opportunity to grow as an individual and to help others. At first, she focused on her persoanl experiences: Dating, marriage, family life and her kids- all from a Jewish perspective. Now she promotes good health through her gym articling, Tznius fashion with her articling about Frumwear, Culinary delights through her articles/recipes and references to Kosher.com and is a great support to her ‘step parenting community’ who see her down-to- earth advice and non-judgemental approach as the perfect place to recharge and laugh off the tough times as well as “kvell” over the good times.
    She is an “every woman’s woman”. She works, shops, raises children, keeps a household and faces her challenges head on, sharing it all in an often humourous way.
    She gets my vote!

  37. Doreen Brown says:

    Hadassah is one great lady and deserves to be the “Chosen”. She is amazing.

  38. Gitty Levi says:

    Pick Hadassah! Pick Hadassah! Pick Hadassah! Pick Hadassah! Pick Hadassah! Pick Hadassah! Pick Hadassah! Pick Hadassah! Pick Hadassah! Pick Hadassah! Pick Hadassah! Pick Hadassah!

  39. I can’t think of a more enthusiastic, engaging, and just plain fun Brand Ambassador for jdeal than Hadassah! Having worked with her in the blogging/social media world I can say first hand jdeal would be foolish to pass on her! Her personality is electric, she’s dependable, and always manages to stretch the hours in a day to suit her ambition. Go Team Hadassah!

  40. birthwhisperer says:

    I think Hadassah would be a great ambassador and you should pick her. No need to look any further. She is amazing!

  41. Shoshana says:

    Pick her, she deserves to win the Nobel prize for Jewish blogging

  42. MRST says:

    Hadassah – you so deserve this prize..go and get it girl!

  43. Eve says:

    She rocks. Pick her. You can’t go wrong!!

  44. Chanief says:

    I hope it’s not too late! Pick Hadassah! She is amazing and would be a most excellent ambassador…

  45. Andrea Weiss says:

    Wherever I get together socially Peaple are discussing Hadassahs blog.
    Definately pick her.


  46. Nina Badzin says:

    Just started getting to know Hadassah on her blog and she’s amazing! Pick her! Pick HER!!

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