Pet Peeve

This drives me nuts. Public restrooms. If you are using the bathroom at a clinic, doctor’s office, government office, whatever – close the door after you have left the room! Seriously – why do people leave it open so that the smells leak out into the waiting area? How hard is it to close a door?

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  1. Hmmmm… would you rather them close the door (thereby enclosing the odor) so that it hits you in the face when you (or someone else) goes to use it?

    Which is worse?

  2. Becka Laufer says:

    I agree. And lets be honest, bathroom are ugly and…just ugly. Close the door folks!

  3. rebeccad says:

    I am with you! That is the same with work office! Our bathroom is in the same room with us and people keep leaving open the door. It is so upsetting.

  4. lady lock and load says:

    It’s a habit. I don’t close the door at home so I might forget to close it somewhere else. maybe a sign would be good? And carry a small bottle of air freshener in your purse. I bring one to the gym in case I am working out near someone who smells. and no, I don’t spray them! :)

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