Pesach is coming – I’m so happy!

Pesach is coming – I’m so happy!

Actually I am happy. Most of my friends and neighbours are this:close to a nervous breakdown with all their Pesach cleaning and preparation, and I am just sitting here in my denial bubble feeling all kinds of groovy.

Yes, I am fully aware that Pesach starts in two weeks. I am totally ok with that, and I will be ready.

I don’t subscribe to the make-yourself-crazy camp. Passover cleaning is NOT spring cleaning. Many many people use it as an excuse to clean out those closets that haven’t been touched since last year, and you’ll find them scrubbing the ceiling with a toothbrush. If this is what they need to do, good luck to them. But I am not going to look at Pesach cleaning and preparation as a competition.

Pesach starts on the same day for everyone. We all end up being ready by the time we sit down for the seder. I don’t want to spend a whole month preparing, when I have so much other stuff to do as it is.

That’s not to say I do nothing until the day of. Of course not. The boys all clean their rooms and organize (they all need regular fumigation anyway) and vacuum and clean. The KoD and I will clean all the common areas, and supervise cleaning of kids’ bathrooms and do our own.

The kitchen is the big job, and the KoD and I tackle this together every year. The day before Pesach.

Truth be told though, when I married the KoD I had to give up my clutter gene. He is very very good at keeping clutter out of the home, and that really helps with cutting down on cleaning and organizing.

This week we will sit down and plan the menus. From there we will plan the Pesach Shopping List. And we will shop next week. I am only turning the kitchen over the day before Pesach – and will cook on Yom Tov if I have to.

I am looking forward to sitting down at the seder with all my boys in attendance. Next year – well, our oldest will have made aliyah and will be in the army. So this is our last Pesach together for a while. So I plan to enjoy every minute of the preparation AND the celebration.

So – how crazy are you going this year?

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  1. Andrea says:

    Well, I have to admit that I do use Pesach as the excuse for spring cleaning…lol. It works for me. However, I don’t get crazy and I don’t run up expenses. I do plan a weekly menu because it saves me money and time. One thing I do not do is get crazy in the markets –I do not buy processed, over priced OUP food that I cannot stand…lol. I stick to a real food menu. I do the kitchen last, like you. I have a small kitchen and only takes a couple of hours.

  2. I feel like I’m in denial. We have help cleaning regularly because of my illness so it’s not the cleaning that has me worried or even changing over the kitchen, which we’ve only ever had to do once before because we eat by my in-laws usually who now have a dog I’m deathly allergic to, my husband is the King of the Kitchen so I will just be his little helper.

    It’s all the other preparation that I do to make it easier. Just like you, I get rid of all the anxiety my planning ahead. I come up with menus–usually with my mother-in-law and husband—and I plan for ALL the meals and the few guests we can fit around our tiny dining room table.

    My sister will be flying in this year during Spring Break as Passover is one of her favorite Jewish holidays and I kinda wish that she had off earlier from school! She’s my Passover security blanket.

    So, other than procrastinating on on pre-planning, I think the biggest deal for me this Passover is that I’m a vegetarian for health reasons and the holidays have been really rough the last 2 years as my digestive system heals from damage caused in 2010. My in-laws and my husband are Ashkenazi and they’re fine with meat and potatoes…but I’m starting to wonder if my Passover will look like the Hunger Games?!

  3. Adina says:

    I am not going crazy but have in the past. I do take the opportunity to do Spring cleaning- because if I dont do it now- then when will I!
    But I start early- now- there is no more spring cleaning- only doing what I need to do.
    Thanks for reminding us all not to freak out!

  4. Liz says:

    I am TOTALLY and UTTERLY with you. A few years ago I finally shed that guilt and craziness and it feels great. I don’t go nuts anymore. I do the job I need to do. Me and the huz work on most of it the day before (the kitchen, mainly).
    Although now that I work from home, and subsequently eat 328753904572 meals over my keyboard, the home office will be a job in itself.

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