Pajamas Belong at Home!!

Otherwise known as what the heck is with people these days?! I took the boybies to the library to load up on reading material for the long Friday night ahead. There were three adults there in pajamas. (One grown man was even wearing jammy pants with snowmen on them. Shudder!!) I am used to seeing little kids being shlepped to the library just before the 9pm closing in their jammies. But grown ups? I have seen PJs being worn in the supermarket too. It used to be that no one ever knew what you wore to go to sleep in, but these days it seems acceptable to go from bed to store to doctor’s office to library, perhaps even to work, and then back to bed in the same clothes. Euw.

I love PJs. I do. I love to curl up in my jammies under my warm comforter to read. At home. In my bed. Where pajamas belong.

Next we are going to see people travelling on airplanes in the pajamas – remember the days when people got all dressed up to fly?

Gosh I sound old. Pass the geritol!!

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  1. Donyel says:

    I agree with you. However, I have had the misfortune to see people fly in their PJs. Sad, but true. And I’m not just talking the shlumpy flannel pants… I’m talking the baggy t-shirts, and even sometimes slippers. It makes you do a double take, believe me.
    My father still wears a blazer and collared shirt on a flights. I value comfort, but looking put-together and classy is a definite must.

  2. batya from NJ says:

    On a long plane-ride, I can almost understand why someone would want to be comfy more so than on an excursion to the library but I say, “live & let live”!

    Besides, on a plane-ride, I’d rather the guy next to me be wearing PJs just as long as he doesn’t have a bomb in his underpants or anywhere else on his body for that matter :)!!!

  3. lady lock and load says:

    But Hadassah, at least they were tzniusdik! LOL, welcome to New York Hadassah where anything goes! In the land of the free and the home of the brave! As long as they are wearing PJ’s and not wearing guns or a switch blade I’m happy! You should see how some people walk around in NYC!

    • batya from NJ says:

      LLL, I was also gonna say “Welcome to America, home of the free & the brave” ;)!!
      & I agree that as long as they are not terrorists or psychopaths, I couldn’t care less WHAT they wear, especially if they are not scantily clad which they were not!!

  4. Duvii says:

    I fly in my sleeper suit. So do most people on the overnights I take. OTOH, the library?

  5. Moses says:

    Who says they wear pj to bed?

  6. Yeedle says:

    INHO PJ’s are far better than underwear, if you know what I mean… (If not, plan a visit to Paris.)

    • Mark says:

      Reminds me of a trip to Paris one summer. It was quite hot outside, and I had just arrived to the Metro Cadet subway station (the one near the old Jewish district around Rue Richer) and had climbed the stairs to the street level. As I reached the top, suddenly a woman with a baby carriage walks by – she was completely topless and … well … I didn’t notice anything else.

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