In writing this blog, I express my thoughts and opinions. I share a slice of my life with you. I have learned so much from blogging, and from you, my commenters. I have expanded my knowledge and understood ideas both old and new. You open your hearts to me and I love that window into your lives.

For the most part, the comment threads, even on controversial topics, have been respectful. For the most part you civilly agree to disagree, and we move on. Basically, the way adults are supposed to behave.

In the last couple of days there have been some heated exchanges in the comments sections. Name calling, rudeness, personal attacks, unnecessary nastiness. I will not, I cannot accept that kind of attitude here on MY blog. It may be appropriate on other blogs, but here, on In The Pink, it will not be tolerated.

This blog is MY home. I invite you in. You will not track mud deliberately all over my pristine carpet, nor wipe your sticky hands and face all over my curtains. This is my home, and as such, you will follow my rules or you will not be invited back. It is as simple as that.

I don’t want to have to use the DELETE option, as I feel differing opinions are important to every discussion. Both sides of an issue need to be seen. Bad language and vitriol obscure any point you are trying to make. Be respectful, I implore you, if you want your voice to be heard. Think before you press the SUBMIT button.

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